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Erin tied the knot!

Hello OCM readers! Erin here. So... it's been a little over two months since me and my man got hitched. It's been a daze of a summer for us, and I realized I am a little behind on sharing a look at our big day. It was to say the least, one of the best day of my life. As it should be right? 

The Great Diaper Bag Debate

There are so many decisions to make when you're expecting your first baby! Boobs or bottles? Co sleeping or sleep training? Cloth diapers or disposable? The list is seemingly endless. But no decision has haunted me during my pregnancy more than this, what diaper bag am I going to wear?

Why you NEED a personal stylist in your life and how it’s actually GOOD for your budget

Every morning I look in my closet. Sigh. I have nothing to wear. I try a few things on together and mutter does this even look good? Kid starts to get fussy. I’m running late. It’s good enough. Does that sound familiar? That’s me almost every morning. I’ve always thought it would be SO great to hire a stylist but never made the time. Well, this past week I had K-Lyn with Je Suis Style come into my home and assess my wardrobe and I am SO glad I did.  


Our very own and very fashionable, Kelsi Kendel and her adorable mini, Bella were recently featured in Midtown Plaza's Street Style blog written and photographed by OCM contributor, Karyn Kimberley. These two denim darlings have matching down to a science and blow us away with a perfect pairing of casual chambray and edgy leather - a look we'll all be coveting this Spring.  

Kelsi and Bella are in good company on the Midtown blog as they're featured alongside fashion blogger, Brittany Laurens and Boss Babe, Maile Cowe of Thrive Juice Co.  Visit the Midtown blog to see how these four lovelies showcase their favourite street style looks.  Read up on the key pieces they're wearing and where you can get it.  Happy Shopping!

The Capsule Closet

If the idea of having thirty pieces in your whole wardrobe scares you, Kassy Moen's capsule closet might just have you wanting to confront your fears. Not a year ago, her closet was so packed, she could barely squeeze another hanger into the fray and yet when she opened it up, she felt as though she had nothing to wear. Kassy had seen a few bloggers document their own capsule wardrobe experiments, paring their wearables down to the season's essentials and putting together chic permutations of those pieces. She felt inspired to give it a try and now, a few seasons later, her capsule closet is going strong and she's never been so sure that less can be more.

Meet Phoenix Laurén

Ever since we started Our Collective Muse, I have wanted to do a blog post on my friend Kaitlin, better known as Phoenix Laurén.  Quite simply, she is one of the coolest people I know.  She is a singer, songwriter, fashionista, artist, and the best part, she is from Saskatoon!  She recently moved out to Vancouver to pursue her dreams. We caught up for a visit while I was in Van this summer, and Kaitlin showed me around the city.  Keep reading to get to know Phoenix.

I love being mommy to a little girl. and one of my favourite perks of being mommy to a little fashionista, is dressing a little fashionista! I have an addiction to shopping... but not for myself... I think my little ones wardrobe gets a new item or two daily. How can you resist though?!!