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Kiddo (and Keto) approved 5 minute treat.

In the midst of planning my upcoming June wedding, at times it feels hard to keep my head on straight with all the things I want to accomplish. I've found that balancing family, my business, nutrition, health, school, dance, and a bazillion DIY projects can be a little daunting. Even when things are busy, I focus on keeping my diet clean using fresh nourishing ingredients - even when it comes to treats.

DIY: christmas pots

I've always admired those beautiful full Christmas pots. you know the ones displayed outside the doors of garden architecture or Anthology. The one's you see scrolling on instagram by all these high end bloggers.

It's a magic life that so many of us now do. We have the best of both, SAHM and Working Woman. My friend Lisa is no different. She purchased a franchise she had learned about while living in Australia ~ called Small Print. She is self employed, makes her own hours, and is able to contribute to her family! 

I sat down with Lisa and did a little interview... take a read if you please.

baby essentials - part 1

As baby 3 fast approaches me and my family... it's to the point of packing that darn bag again. I feel as if I just unpacked it with my second... and he's soon to be 3 come february. Where to heck is our time going?? Which brought me to this post. Mostly, for my first time mom's out there and of course everyone will have different views on what goes into packing that bag. but here's mine!