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Contrast is Key: My Living Room Makeover

The thing about building a new house is that you think it's going to be complete when you move in but, aside from its structural details, it ain't complete by a long shot. This came as a surprise to me. Being that I'd only owned older homes before, my imagining of a new house having perfectly designed rooms resembling a Pinterest page is understandable. In practice, the past three years have seen my little family grow into our home slowly. Part of the reason was that when we were building, EVERYTHING seemed to be an upgrade and you've gotta draw the line somewhere. Second, it takes time to settle in and get a feel for how existing pieces fit into the space (with an open floor plan, one change affects your whole main level). And last, our family's style has evolved because our family has evolved: we went from two to three this past year and our needs are quite different now. So it was that we finally decided to step up our living room decor. And oh, am I glad we did. Take a peek.