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A Tidy Pantry

For all of the benefits open concept layouts offer, the one drawback is having so few doors to close. When guests are due to arrive and I need to make my home look neat, there are very few places I can chuck things in a hurry. That, combined with a general out-of-sight-out-of-mindedness, is the very reason I've regrettably created a pantry of shame (pictured below in all of its unedited glory). 

My husband and I recently purchased a new house (yay!) and with the possession date fast approaching, I have all things 'home' on my mind.  And at the top of my list- decorating.  I have been searching furniture retailers in store and online for inspiration to create my dream home.  Today I'm sharing some of my favourite pieces for the living room, as well as some gorgeous spaces I am lusting over.  

Isn't spring the perfect time of year for a clean-out? I'm in the midst a massive clearing of extra 'stuff' in my life and I'm excited to share with you a little bit about my experience over the past month. Maybe you're the kind of person who has mastered the art of 'stuff' and only have what you love, use and need in your life. If so, read no further, kudos, I admire you immensely and soon will be a lot like you! 

I have a passion for all things vintage, antique, reclaimed, recovered and re-loved‚Ķanything with a good story and unique visual. If you also have a taste for unique, vintage or custom design, you're going to love it at Hiddenstitch in Saskatoon (I do!). Owner, designer and creatively inspiring woman, Ricki Skoretz describes her work as "discovering the stories of salvageable furniture by reinventing the design and styling of each unique piece". Read on to join me (Susan) on a recent visit where she helped to reinvent something I almost threw in the garbage.

All photos by Tammy Boehmer of Boehmer Photography

Each season brings change within and all around us.  I can't help but want to adjust my surroundings and style according to the seasons.  With autumn upon us and winter in the near future, I wish for comfort, warmth and a peaceful setting.  I'm sharing a few of my personal favorites for the home, wardrobe and child today.