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Meet The French 76

When Big Brothers Big Sisters asked me to create a signature cocktail for their "Local Celebrity Bartending Challenge" taking place next Wednesday (p.s. Don't tell them I'm not a celebrity, okay guys? Just go with it!), I knew it would be a play on the best drink around: the French 75. If you've enjoyed a French 75 before, you may know it's the most delightful blend of champagne, simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin (or formerly, cognac). The plan was to do one better than the 75 and working alongside my bartender mentor Jake of Congress Beerhouse, we managed to elevate that near-perfect drink to the apex of deliciousness... all while adding a local twist c/o Lucky Bastard Distillery. No matter if you're able to make it to the fundraiser next Wednesday at Congress or not, you'll want the French 76 recipe for yourself and today, that's just what I'm serving up. 

Photos by Erin Crooks Photography

Donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters campaign (think of it as a tip for this amazing drink) HERE. Thanks in advance!

Girls' Night Out: No Selfies Required!

Oh, who are we kidding, there are going to be selfies galore. But when a girls' night includes professional makeup by Holly Decker, refreshments by Thrive Juice, and a beautifully lit session with Saskatoon's premiere fashion photographer Erin Crooks, I guarantee you're not going to have your arm outstretched in every memory-catching photo op. I'm talking about Girls' Night Out, a chance to enjoy the company of your best gals whilst y'all get glammed. My sisters here at OCM and I got to experience the first of its kind and we had such a fabulous time, we just had to share for when you and your crew are ready for a spoil-yourself moment, too!

Be BOLD & Bright! Makeup Artist feature: Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall

As spring is beginning to roll in, boutiques and social media are flooded with spring/summer '16 styles - as a photographer I am instantly inspired and ready to begin shooting some spring creatives, and say ciao to winter! (hopefully for good!). 

A few month back I spent a creative Sunday-Funday with Regina based makeup artists, Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall in my studio here in Saskatoon. These two extremely talented artists came prepared with their creative minds racing, bold colour inspiration, and immaculate eyes for beauty.


Christmas is only 10 days away, and maybe you're still looking for the perfect gift for someone special. I am all about shopping local as much as possible, and here is one Saskatoon line I am just infatuated with.

Artist & Designer Alissa Ramage brings Saskatoon her beautiful and unique jewellery line - Oneiro Designs.

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How to shoot dreamy backlit portraits

As a photographer, everyday, everywhere I go I am constantly day dreaming about how it would look through the lens on my camera. I am constantly chasing the light. My favourite light comes in the evening. That golden, dreamy, hazy glow as they day is coming to an end. Beautiful light can make even the most basic photo magical. I love using the evening light to create vibrant back lit portraits, and today I'm sharing some of my basic tips and tricks on creating images like these!