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Why you NEED a personal stylist in your life and how it’s actually GOOD for your budget

Every morning I look in my closet. Sigh. I have nothing to wear. I try a few things on together and mutter does this even look good? Kid starts to get fussy. I’m running late. It’s good enough. Does that sound familiar? That’s me almost every morning. I’ve always thought it would be SO great to hire a stylist but never made the time. Well, this past week I had K-Lyn with Je Suis Style come into my home and assess my wardrobe and I am SO glad I did.  

GIVEAWAY alert! - mini souls, clothing for your mini's.

I often get asked where I find my son Kai's stylish clothes.  So I figured I should do a feature on one of my favorite Canadian lines, mini souls, created by my lovely friends in Toronto!  They have mastered the CUTEST harem pants, both cozy and stylish!  Also in their collection is extremely adorable screen printed tees and onesies, and headbands and infinity scarves that are handcrafted with love.