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Get The Look | Your Dream Kitchen Makeover!

As the reality of winter is rolling in, by human nature we begin to “nest” as we prepare for the upcoming cooler seasons. We begin to think about the indoors and what that space feels like to be in. We start to plan for the various ways that we can make everyday life a bit more enjoyable, comfortable, user friendly, and ultimately mare convenient. As the kitchen is one place where we spend most of our time during the cooler months of the year, it jumps to the height of the priority list. Here we love to cook up a storm, entertain our friends, spend quality time with our family’s, and most of all, eat our delicious food! 

When I was asked to do Swinging With The Stars, I thought “hey I can do this”. I LOVE to dance- give me the opportunity to go out dancing and I am all over it - but I didn’t realize that this isn’t that kind of dancing! My partner Brenden refers to me as a ‘non-dancer’, which I try not to take offence to as I know he means it in the nicest way, but there is a really big difference from naturally moving to the music on a dance floor to actually having to have your body trained to move into a pre-choreographed position at the exact right time! 

The Benefits Of A Well Designed Space: Part 1

In a world of chaos and clutter, busy careers, and families that are go, go go, we tend to forget how our surroundings affect us. Most of us our guilty of having that "Monica Geller Closet" in our homes, if you're not familiar with my 90's 'Friends' reference, i'm talking about the secret mess that we keep hidden away from family and friends. Years of paperwork and junk jammed away, sight unseen that we dare not even think about or ever actually deal with! The fact of the matter is that the "pile of shame" and the design of our day to day environment does affect us both physically and emotionally.

Out with the oak, in with the new: Before and after photos from a dated oak filled home!

Many people will be able to relate to these homeowners' renovation story! These clients have a young, growing family who not only needed a more functional layout and wanted to expand their kitchen, but they were looking for some relief from their formally oak clad home. Closed in walls and heavy oak cabinetry made the space feel dark and dated, and the kitchen was formally tucked in beyond the bay window at the back of the space, so it was actually dim and congested with little counter space.