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My Time is Naptime

Ohhhh naptime: I didn't always get you, I claimed I didn't need you, but now I never want to let you go. My two-year-old Petra wasn't a sleeper from the start, her naps only taking place in a Moby or while she nursed (I had no idea sleep-eating was a thing until I saw it with my own eyes) and her beautiful bassinette wasn't used for more than five minutes since even a hot water bottle, sleep sack, and white noise machine could not convince her she was still safe in a womb. Instead, Petra slept with my husband and me, matching her bedtime and waking time to mine. At the time, having an ever-awake baby wasn't a big deal since I'd been able and willing to clear my schedule to stay home and, hey, it gave us more time together to experience books, music, nature, and each other. But here's the thing: now she naps. Not every day, mind you, but most days she naps. And I AM LOVING IT. It's my time, all of it! (Fine, the first ten minutes are spent frantically tidying up from the morning.) But then... I write.

Meet The French 76

When Big Brothers Big Sisters asked me to create a signature cocktail for their "Local Celebrity Bartending Challenge" taking place next Wednesday (p.s. Don't tell them I'm not a celebrity, okay guys? Just go with it!), I knew it would be a play on the best drink around: the French 75. If you've enjoyed a French 75 before, you may know it's the most delightful blend of champagne, simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin (or formerly, cognac). The plan was to do one better than the 75 and working alongside my bartender mentor Jake of Congress Beerhouse, we managed to elevate that near-perfect drink to the apex of deliciousness... all while adding a local twist c/o Lucky Bastard Distillery. No matter if you're able to make it to the fundraiser next Wednesday at Congress or not, you'll want the French 76 recipe for yourself and today, that's just what I'm serving up. 

Photos by Erin Crooks Photography

Donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters campaign (think of it as a tip for this amazing drink) HERE. Thanks in advance!

Storing Jewellery, Beautifully

Chunky statement pieces and long-chained necklaces are staples for accessory lovers of late, but it seems like jewellery boxes just haven't kept up to the changing shape of fashion. Plus, I find the gems I do keep stored away are also kept out of mind, and out of rotation. My own jewellery set-up is ever-changing and though its evolution has been positive, I wanted to peek into the minds of OCM accessory mavens Desiree Martin and Jocelyn deMoissac for their display ideas. And because I can't be the only person hoping to elevate my jewellery's life whilst waiting to be worn, I thought we could get inspired together. So, let's.  

Women Empowering Women

I love being a woman. 

I have had the blessing of being supported and inspired by some very amazing women in my life. I feel that International Women's Day is a way of celebrating all women and how far things have come but also still bringing much needed awareness to how far things still must go. I truly believe that if we continue to share, support and advocate for other women here and the rest of the world the more our voices will be heard.

It starts in our community and how we all support each other as women. It also starts at home in how we are raising our children and what core values we are teaching them and showing them. As the mom of three boys I feel a huge sense of responsibility in how I educate them about women. I feel that same sense of responsibility with the women in my life both personally & professionally.

In saying that I am inspired everyday by so many brilliant women in my life. I love my job as I am able to connect with women everyday and learn about their lives and hear their stories. I asked a few women who inspire & uplift me to share what International Women's Day means to them and I love getting to share all their beautiful responses. 

Here is what International Women's Day means to these inspiring women:

My grandma, on my dad’s side, is an artist. Her name is Olga Kardash and if you’ve seen a meticulous watercolour painting of the Bessborough across an icy river, you may have been looking at her work because, although cityscapes weren’t her favourite to paint (she preferred still life like garden-fresh flowers in pottery vases atop lace doilies), they are the genre for which she is best known. I recall being a child, watching her recreate that iconic hotel brick by brick, first with a faint pencil line and then with watercolours, dipping into burnt sienna and other browns to create shadow and dimension. It was magic. When I was four, my grandma began giving me art classes, teaching me about human proportions (first rule: the eyes go smack dab in the middle of a head), the colour wheel, white space, and the joy of experimenting with different media and with her guidance, I was able to see unlimited potential in a sheet of blank paper and to command a brush across it. My grandma gifted me a way of thinking that extended beyond creating art. And it all began with a blank page.

I think any mom would agree it feels like the only thing that's faster-growing than the industry of kid products is our kids themselves. As I navigate the market trying to avoid items bound to end up in a charity pile, I often draw on the advice of review sites and other savvy mamas and today, I'm passing along some of that sage shopping guidance. Taking you morning 'til night, this list of products will delight your kiddo and leave you feeling satisfied with your parental purchases.

The Best-Dressed List: SFDF Runway 2016

We're still buzzing from last night's Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival Runway event. Not only were the showcased collections progressive and wearable and the marketplace so darn shopable (can I please own every Soulfari crystal piece please?) but the crowd was lookin' fine in the beautiful Bess Hotel. We simply couldn't help but put together a best-in-show fashion post of the attendees. And although we missed a few stylish folks seen from afar because it's slower going navigating through a mingling crowd (we're looking at you, distant lady in the silver brocade miniskirt), we managed to corner and photograph some well-dressed people with a unique sense of style.