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I was lucky enough to photograph the lovely Renee Kolhman - Star Pheonix's very own food writer and she happens to have a very cool blog called "sweet sugar bean." 

Funny enough we met years ago following each other on instagram and by chance ended up meeting randomly in person when she worked at a local Cafe in Saskatoon. We've stayed in touch ever since. 

She has a cookbook on the horizon filled with her very favorites… and I am soooo excited to share a little question and answer period well as a delicious cookie recipe! 


Images by Lisa Landrie - A Photogenic Life

Bringing Scent Into Your Home

You've heard it a thousand times: your sense of smell triggers memory in a way that no other sense can. The comfort of fresh baked cookies, swimming lessons, a new baby... these are moments that conjure smells in a visceral way. So why is it we spend all our energy decorating our homes with pictures, ornaments, and candles not intended to be lit when our efforts only satisfy one sense? Today, photographer and OCM sister Lisa Landrie and I bring you some inspo from stores Anthology and Saje (as well as one DIY project you'll love). This post is sure to get you excited about bringing scent into your home, creating new and happy memories for your family and your guests.