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What's Your Favourite JazzFest Memory?

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is celebrating their 30th anniversary and when you consider that this year alone, there are over 140+ ticketed and free shows, you bet the Festival has brought a lot of music to this city over the years! To celebrate, we're sharing our favourite JazzFest memories with you and we want to hear yours. Tell us your favourite show or JazzFest moment via the blog comments, on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram feed, and you'll be entered to win tickets to City And Colour, courtesy the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. 

Hello lovely readers, I’m so excited to be sharing my first post with you all! For my inaugural post with OCM , I’m going to try my best to answer one of the most burning questions women have been asking themselves for centuries. Women have been asking themselves this exact question from prehistoric times, sitting around campfires, until today. This question is universal to the female life experience, no matter where you’re from, what you do or how old you are.The question is..... “ Should I get bangs?”.

Meet Our New Bloggers!

Since the blog began, it's been delightful to watch our readership at Our Collective Muse grow. We enjoy taking on requested topics, partnering with local businesses, exploring our various interests as we craft our posts, and getting to know people who are doing great things in our community. Beyond those benefits, the friendships formed in OCM have been something special. Today, we wish four of our dear friends much success as they continue with their many other projects-- it's not a cinch to fit everything into a busy life and we're glad to have had their contributions in OCM for as long as we did. So to Makeup Artist extraordinaire Lisa Hallam, documentary-style photographer Tammy Boehmer, Tonic guru Roxanne Woodley, and style maven Kim Davies who is now a BC girl, we wish you all good things and are going to hold you to your "guest blogger" promises! We truly love you all and miss you at meetings already.

But this isn't just a post of reflection. Born from these fond farewells springs exciting news, and that is we are welcoming four new members to OCM! These ladies are the perfect foils to our existing areas of expertise and we're sure you'll enjoy their posts ahead. From interior design and event planning to hairstyling and makeup, the skills of these girls are sure to round out the blog in a wonderful way. Please join me in welcoming the new additions to the Our Collective Muse team: Tamara Bowman, Molly Lux, Kassy Moen, and Holly Decker.

The Capsule Closet

If the idea of having thirty pieces in your whole wardrobe scares you, Kassy Moen's capsule closet might just have you wanting to confront your fears. Not a year ago, her closet was so packed, she could barely squeeze another hanger into the fray and yet when she opened it up, she felt as though she had nothing to wear. Kassy had seen a few bloggers document their own capsule wardrobe experiments, paring their wearables down to the season's essentials and putting together chic permutations of those pieces. She felt inspired to give it a try and now, a few seasons later, her capsule closet is going strong and she's never been so sure that less can be more.