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My Time is Naptime

Ohhhh naptime: I didn't always get you, I claimed I didn't need you, but now I never want to let you go. My two-year-old Petra wasn't a sleeper from the start, her naps only taking place in a Moby or while she nursed (I had no idea sleep-eating was a thing until I saw it with my own eyes) and her beautiful bassinette wasn't used for more than five minutes since even a hot water bottle, sleep sack, and white noise machine could not convince her she was still safe in a womb. Instead, Petra slept with my husband and me, matching her bedtime and waking time to mine. At the time, having an ever-awake baby wasn't a big deal since I'd been able and willing to clear my schedule to stay home and, hey, it gave us more time together to experience books, music, nature, and each other. But here's the thing: now she naps. Not every day, mind you, but most days she naps. And I AM LOVING IT. It's my time, all of it! (Fine, the first ten minutes are spent frantically tidying up from the morning.) But then... I write.

Galentine's Day Flower Crown Workshop: The Debut Event by WRKSHP Creative

Do you love pretty things, getting crafty, and cheersing with girlfriends? ME, TOO. Hence my enthusiasm for photographer and OCM girl Karyn Kimberley’s new venture with Crystal from Love & Lace: it’s called WRKSHP Creative and their first event is the afternoon of February 12th. “Galentine’s Day” is a stylised event (think Pinterest sprung to life) where you’ll create a dreamy flower crown with professional materials and instruction from Twig & Bloom, enjoy some sweet treats, and get in on the loveliest of photobooth fun, all while sipping a signature cocktail. Oh, and did I mention the Galentine’s Day event is taking place at Thrive Juice Co.? If there’s anything I like more than a cocktail, it’s one that’s made with fresh, cold-pressed Thrive Juice. And that’s not all the afternoon has to offer! I’ve got more to share so read on, meet the girls behind the elevated crafting night concept of WRKSHP... and find out how one lucky @wrkshp.creative follower can win a golden ticket to this most Instagram-worthy event.

The Halloween costumes you already have in your closet

So you haven't decided what to be for Halloween and frankly, just the idea of putting a costume together is exhausting. Hey, we feel you. Spending north of fifty dollars on a costume you'll wear for exactly one night isn't exactly an attractive option, especially if you're just handing out candy, taking your little one out for treats, or low-key getting together with some friends. But what if I told you there are costumes galore in your closet and you need one little extra piece max to complete the look? It's true! Here are just a few costume ideas straight from our closets, each one put together in literally five minutes flat. If we can do it, *you* can do it.

What's Your Favourite JazzFest Memory?

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is celebrating their 30th anniversary and when you consider that this year alone, there are over 140+ ticketed and free shows, you bet the Festival has brought a lot of music to this city over the years! To celebrate, we're sharing our favourite JazzFest memories with you and we want to hear yours. Tell us your favourite show or JazzFest moment via the blog comments, on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram feed, and you'll be entered to win tickets to City And Colour, courtesy the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.