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The Halloween costumes you already have in your closet

So you haven't decided what to be for Halloween and frankly, just the idea of putting a costume together is exhausting. Hey, we feel you. Spending north of fifty dollars on a costume you'll wear for exactly one night isn't exactly an attractive option, especially if you're just handing out candy, taking your little one out for treats, or low-key getting together with some friends. But what if I told you there are costumes galore in your closet and you need one little extra piece max to complete the look? It's true! Here are just a few costume ideas straight from our closets, each one put together in literally five minutes flat. If we can do it, *you* can do it.

What's Your Favourite JazzFest Memory?

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is celebrating their 30th anniversary and when you consider that this year alone, there are over 140+ ticketed and free shows, you bet the Festival has brought a lot of music to this city over the years! To celebrate, we're sharing our favourite JazzFest memories with you and we want to hear yours. Tell us your favourite show or JazzFest moment via the blog comments, on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram feed, and you'll be entered to win tickets to City And Colour, courtesy the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. 

The Making Of A Fashion Festival: the Evolution of SFDF

Saskatoon has gone through two booms: one in the early 1900s when pioneers moved to the prairies in droves, and a recent renaissance that we’re still enjoying. If you haven’t seen the many articles in national papers and magazines profiling our culinary, art, theatre, and music scenes, you must be a social media hermit only now poking your head out. Fashion, too, has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of Alberta shopping trips or cross-border binges because Saskatoon is now home to big-name stores as well as boutiques that cater to the au courant. But the most exciting revolution in our style scene has been the organization that celebrates and promotes our amazing local designers, and that is the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival. This Sunday’s free-to-the-public POSE runway event at River Landing marks SFDF’s fifth anniversary and the milestone deserves some individual congratulations. I mean, who decides to BUILD A FESTIVAL? And how do all the moving parts get coordinated as it grows year after year? Today, we’re taking a peek into the “making of” SFDF, as a few of its key players tell us what makes the city’s premiere fashion festival tick.

What's Wrong With This Picture? (The Answer is Nothing.)

If you live in Saskatoon, you probably know that staff at a local Cora's tried to force a breastfeeding mom to cover her child. After the mother took the incident to the media, the restaurant issued an apology for the invasion of human rights, reminding staff that Cora herself was a single mother of three. And that might be where the story ended for you. But as a breastfeeding mother myself, the whole thing struck a nerve. How was it that in 2015, when the mantra "breast is best" is trumpeted by health care experts, where clothing is often more revealing than breastfeeding a baby, and when the law says a mother can feed a child anywhere and any time, could this have happened? Well, I made the mistake of reading some comments below the news story and it was heartbreaking to see how many people agreed with the staff's request for her to cover her child. Some people thought she should have fed in a bathroom stall and one man likened the situation to changing a colostomy bag in public, which of course, is a nonsensical equation. I got emotional as I read the comments, feeling each one as an attack on my child's health and happiness, and soon I was writing an email to my blogmates here at OCM with tears in my eyes. Would they like to get together to show in photos how normal feeding a child looks?