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DIY: christmas pots

I've always admired those beautiful full Christmas pots. you know the ones displayed outside the doors of garden architecture or Anthology. The one's you see scrolling on instagram by all these high end bloggers.

If you are a local to YXE and have never been out to Wanuskewin Heritage Park just outside of the city you are missing out!  I have to admit, it was my first winter visit!  I usually head out there in the warmer seasons to stroll and enjoy the land and history most often with a dance performance or special event/tour.  My friend Ally posted that she was signing up for a FREE workshop (supplies included) to make moss bags.  I called IMMEDIATELY to sign up with her, and I'm so glad I jumped on it because the class filled in one day as soon as registration opened up.  Ally and I are both expecting babies and figured a day out at Wanuskewin crafting some moss bags for our babes sounded like a perfect day!  Add on a cafeteria with delicious lunch options and a performance following the class with some local dancers and our day was complete!  Read on to enjoy our visit and find out more about their upcoming FREE class schedule!

Bringing Scent Into Your Home

You've heard it a thousand times: your sense of smell triggers memory in a way that no other sense can. The comfort of fresh baked cookies, swimming lessons, a new baby... these are moments that conjure smells in a visceral way. So why is it we spend all our energy decorating our homes with pictures, ornaments, and candles not intended to be lit when our efforts only satisfy one sense? Today, photographer and OCM sister Lisa Landrie and I bring you some inspo from stores Anthology and Saje (as well as one DIY project you'll love). This post is sure to get you excited about bringing scent into your home, creating new and happy memories for your family and your guests.