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Easter Basket Goodies for Little Bunnies

With Easter just over a week away, I thought it would be fun to compile a post of cute ideas to include in your little one's Easter basket, besides the usual suspects: chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.  I have always loved this holiday, but am particularly excited for Easter 2017, as it is Bella's first Easter.  I asked my friend Lindsay and my friend/blog mate Maygen to join in on the fun.  

My grandma, on my dad’s side, is an artist. Her name is Olga Kardash and if you’ve seen a meticulous watercolour painting of the Bessborough across an icy river, you may have been looking at her work because, although cityscapes weren’t her favourite to paint (she preferred still life like garden-fresh flowers in pottery vases atop lace doilies), they are the genre for which she is best known. I recall being a child, watching her recreate that iconic hotel brick by brick, first with a faint pencil line and then with watercolours, dipping into burnt sienna and other browns to create shadow and dimension. It was magic. When I was four, my grandma began giving me art classes, teaching me about human proportions (first rule: the eyes go smack dab in the middle of a head), the colour wheel, white space, and the joy of experimenting with different media and with her guidance, I was able to see unlimited potential in a sheet of blank paper and to command a brush across it. My grandma gifted me a way of thinking that extended beyond creating art. And it all began with a blank page.

We've Got Work To Do

Working moms. Everyone’s on board with modernity, right? ‘80s movies like “9 to 5”, “Baby Boom” and “Working Girl” provided slapstick, heartfelt evidence that gender doesn’t dictate business sense, after all. So why is it that thirty-something years later, I’m writing about the judgement some of the smartest, loveliest, most capable women I know face as they head back to work postpartum? The reaction they’ve got as they return to their careers seems the result of a patriarchal mindset that’s so buried in society’s consciousness that people might not even realize their comments are hurtful. I myself am (kind of) a stay-at-home-mom and have literally had my hand pat by a man who cooed “you’re doing what you should”. It felt so icky! No one has the right to decree what someone else’s family “should” do because everyone, and every situation, is different. And I know mindsets can’t change from one blog post, but the double standard where men go back to work a day after their babies are born with congratulations and a woman who stays at home with her baby for six months (not to mention the 9 months her bod was an actual home for that baby) is questioned, that’s gotta be talked about. Here are stories and thoughts from three working moms. I want to hear yours, too. Type it, share it, shout it!

I think any mom would agree it feels like the only thing that's faster-growing than the industry of kid products is our kids themselves. As I navigate the market trying to avoid items bound to end up in a charity pile, I often draw on the advice of review sites and other savvy mamas and today, I'm passing along some of that sage shopping guidance. Taking you morning 'til night, this list of products will delight your kiddo and leave you feeling satisfied with your parental purchases.