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7 Tips - Taking the Leap and Hiring Your First Employee

I have been asked so many times how I made the leap and hired help for my growing business. Many of the people in my network are small business owners in a creative industry, and so are mostly working by themselves because they are the talent and so this is a big struggle for us. How do you know you can sustain that extra cost? For so many small business owners, their first hire is someone who will be intimately connected with the ins and outs of their business. How can you trust someone?

Need a change?

It's hard to believe now because anyone who knows me knows how excited I am about my career...but about 10 years ago, despite a fantastic education (B.Comm), and a solid career path in sales, finance, and real estate-backed investments, I was completely miserable in my work. Like crying in the parking lot as I forced myself to go into the office again. Regularly.