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Mother-Daughter Vacay

Lucky me...I just spent a week with my mom, Teri, on an Alaskan cruise! We met many other mother-daughter couples on the trip from Australia, North Carolina, Texas, BC, and more. It turns out this is a popular excursion. And with good reason. It was relaxing, wondrous, delicious (oh the food), beautiful, meaningful, and unplugged (mostly). Mom and I had so much fun together...we laughed until we cried half a dozen times, talked for hours and hours and hours, shared only one uncomfortable moment in the king-sized bed we shared (sorry again, Mom...haha), and thoroughly enjoyed exploring Alaska

Adventure Awaits

Maygs and I have a pretty solid track record of getting lost on our roadies. But you know what? We always find our way, we laugh whilst doing so and our spirited ability to get sidetracked creates some lasting memories.  Plus, our misdirection usually opens the door to something much more spectacular than originally planned. 

Make Waves with Your Beach Style

It seems to me that swimwear gets forgotten in terms of being an outfit. We put more energy into an outfit worn grocery shopping than to a whole day at the beach. Is it that we don't want to look like we're trying? Or is it just that functionality is the only thing on our minds? Well, whether you're squeezing in a hot holiday before the snow melts or you're just looking forward to hot weather hangouts by the river, you'll be in swimwear soon and I've got some suggestions on how to liven up what you wear waterside, without spending an extra penny!

Girl's Getaway Weekend

When my friend Kim asked if I would be up for a girl's getaway weekend at her family's cabin, naturally I said "yes please!" A girl's trip is always a good idea.  We (over) packed our bags and Kim, Lindsay, and I were on our way.  

When the wonderful Suzanne Johnston contacted me and wanted to be our quest blogger for a day in Juneā€¦ I was totally excited to hear about what she wanted to talk about.  Seems like she's got the travel bug in her these days and wanted to share her simple yet... very informative traveling tips when planning a holiday in Rome.  You're in for a real treat!  

All images and content by Suzanne Johnston.