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Mother-Daughter Vacay

Lucky me...I just spent a week with my mom, Teri, on an Alaskan cruise! We met many other mother-daughter couples on the trip from Australia, North Carolina, Texas, BC, and more. It turns out this is a popular excursion. And with good reason. It was relaxing, wondrous, delicious (oh the food), beautiful, meaningful, and unplugged (mostly). Mom and I had so much fun together...we laughed until we cried half a dozen times, talked for hours and hours and hours, shared only one uncomfortable moment in the king-sized bed we shared (sorry again, Mom...haha), and thoroughly enjoyed exploring Alaska

The Great Diaper Bag Debate

There are so many decisions to make when you're expecting your first baby! Boobs or bottles? Co sleeping or sleep training? Cloth diapers or disposable? The list is seemingly endless. But no decision has haunted me during my pregnancy more than this, what diaper bag am I going to wear?