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Hey ya'll. It's Erin. Today I wanted to get real. I wanted to share a little bit of my honest feels lately - which I know we all go through in some capacity in our lives. From struggles to motivation to feeling totally rockin' awesome - life and creativity as an entrepreneur is a constant roller coaster ride. It's fun and exhilarating, but also terrifying and out of control at times.

Erin tied the knot!

Hello OCM readers! Erin here. So... it's been a little over two months since me and my man got hitched. It's been a daze of a summer for us, and I realized I am a little behind on sharing a look at our big day. It was to say the least, one of the best day of my life. As it should be right? 

Home Bar 101 - Guest Post by Suzanne Johnston

Who doesn't love having a well equipped home bar?! It's always good to be prepared at home when having guests over and I find it's nice to offer a beverage. To offer that beverage having a well stocked home bar is essential. Saskatoon's Suzanne Johnston paired up with her friends to create your very own home bar check list.  

Take a peek! 

Photos and content by Suzanne Johnston and Kathleen Crowther of Saskatoon.  


When I first wrote about WRKSHP Creative's first event, it was still upcoming and although I knew it would be beautiful, it deserves a visual recap to fully express why you ought to book your spot for this weekend's encore flower crown workshop at Tonic. The crowns we made were divine, the drinks were delish, the treats tasted as fantastic as they looked, and no detail was overlooked (as you'll see). Apart from aesthetics, one of the most wonderful aspects was spending time with women who I felt I *should* have known before-- people who are doing great things in the community and with similar interests to me. It was a joy to learn a little about them and enjoy the afternoon together. Not a wonder there's a second chance at this event, but it'll fill up quick so get your ticket already! Here's a peek at the prettiness and a couple more glowing reviews of the event from OCM's Kelsi and Desiree. 

Sensory Goodness - DIY

I happen to have one of the busiest toddlers on earth. Like.... super fricken busy.  You name it... my child wants to either push it, poke it, rip it down, play with it, look at it, touch it.... all at once.  

I had come across a photo on Instagram that intigued me. A handy dad had made a board filled with devices to touch, switches, buttons to push etc. I thought to myself right away I MUST make this!! So I took to google to get ideas, read up on the importance of sensory play for kids and made a stop at Home Depo for supplies.  Turns out Dollarama is a great place for sensory items as well! 

Take a peek on how to make your own sensory board!