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Home Bar 101 - Guest Post by Suzanne Johnston

Who doesn't love having a well equipped home bar?! It's always good to be prepared at home when having guests over and I find it's nice to offer a beverage. To offer that beverage having a well stocked home bar is essential. Saskatoon's Suzanne Johnston paired up with her friends to create your very own home bar check list.  

Take a peek! 

Photos and content by Suzanne Johnston and Kathleen Crowther of Saskatoon.  

Meet The French 76

When Big Brothers Big Sisters asked me to create a signature cocktail for their "Local Celebrity Bartending Challenge" taking place next Wednesday (p.s. Don't tell them I'm not a celebrity, okay guys? Just go with it!), I knew it would be a play on the best drink around: the French 75. If you've enjoyed a French 75 before, you may know it's the most delightful blend of champagne, simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin (or formerly, cognac). The plan was to do one better than the 75 and working alongside my bartender mentor Jake of Congress Beerhouse, we managed to elevate that near-perfect drink to the apex of deliciousness... all while adding a local twist c/o Lucky Bastard Distillery. No matter if you're able to make it to the fundraiser next Wednesday at Congress or not, you'll want the French 76 recipe for yourself and today, that's just what I'm serving up. 

Photos by Erin Crooks Photography

Donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters campaign (think of it as a tip for this amazing drink) HERE. Thanks in advance!

The Underrated Blueberry Tea

Many people have not heard of what a Blueberry Tea is.  So my friends... for those of you who haven't heard about this lovely warm boozy drink... you're in for a treat!  And you MUST must must try this recipe. Its the season of staying in on a cold friday night with your significant other and making this warm treat! In our house we also call it... Talking Water. ;-) The conversations will flow all evening haha!

Images by - A Photogenic Life

Warm and Fragrant Mulled Wine

Nothing compares to a warm drink on a cold day. Especially those cold winter days that leave your cheeks flush, creating a natural rosy-red hue. Curling up with some reading material and a warm cup of mulled wine to wrap my hands around the symbolizes the perfect end to a cool winter day.  

Mulled wine, an alternative to cider, (recently created by Susan and Lisa (recipe here)) is another cool weather delight worth sharing.  Looking for a gift for a holiday season gathering? The spice mix and hand-written recipe are great additions to the customary bottle of wine.