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MINDFULNESS - Learning the Benefits of Meditation

I have always been curious about meditation and wondered if it would be something I could start to implement into my daily routine. As a busy mom and running my own business, I find taking time to unplug and to really relax is a  hard thing to do. My good friend Kristen and I always have the most amazing chats and when I found out her & Danica were teaching meditation and Kristen shared with me the benefits she has experienced from meditation, I was instantly intrigued and knew that I had to try it out too!

The Eternal Struggle Of The Modern Dame

It is the eternal struggle that every modern Dame faces every morning " Do I really have to wash my hair this morning ?", or "Nah, this can totally go another day!". Luckily, there are so many new products on the market to help us meet this struggle head on ladies!  Move over diamonds, dry shampoo is the new girls best friend!

The Simple Things - Revisited

More than a few years ago I contributed a reflective post titled, The Simple Things.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  A journal of sorts, intended to capture the everyday joys of life, my hopes in sharing would be that it would motivate some readers to slow down and reflect on the greatness that surrounds them daily.  I wanted to focus on the "normal" days where we aren't necessarily celebrating milestones or dressing up for instagram worthy events, but rather living our imperfect lives - as Mothers, working towards our goals.  Designed to document the life and love that we're blessed with (yes, even on the messy, tired and occasional off-days), I encourage you to follow suit and keep a notebook to scribble away in.  Time flies (especially with children) so this has provided a light reflection of what was happening at each step along the way for us. Today I share an updated entry on the beauty of the everyday with my one and only, Noah.