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Things I want: A Bicycle Built For One. (Me.)

Things I want: A Bicycle Built For One. (Me.)

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I've been thinking about buying a new bike. I have a "good" one and it's still pretty new, but I'm not in love with it and since I bought it, I've wanted something different. I know, I sound spoiled. But I keep wishing I were drawn to my bike because if I were, its tires would be full and I would be riding it by now this season. I could have avoided this sitch had I taken advice I've since heard my brother gave an aspiring guitar player who'd asked him what the best guitar was. My brother said, "play a few in the store and buy the one you loved playing." And here I thought substantial specs and reviews were the be-all-and-end-all when really, I should have erred on the side of style. Oh well. Now I get to shop around for a pretty bike I'll actually want to ride on the daily... and that's kinda fun.  Wanna shop with me? Okay, let's!

Above is the Norco Heart (about $500, available at Bike Doctor). It's kinda boyish with that crossbar but I like the shape regardless. Sometimes I just feel like doing something different than a cruiser.



This Norco VFR 4 Forma (about $450, available at Bike Doctor) is decidedly girlier and still has a nice line to it. Also, I love that sage colour! 



The more vintage-looking Nirve Starliner (about $500) is pretty and I do feel like it would make for a more inspiring vehicle. I appreciate the fenders, too, since I wear white pants on the regular in the summertime. Nirve is available at Bruce's Cycle Works.



I like the posture the Linus Scout 7 (about $575) would afford me! Also, that cushiny seat seems pretty comfy. Linus is available at Bike Universe.



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Also from Linus is the Mixte 3 (about $675) which features a more traditional ladies' crossbar. The colourways available from Linus are so adorable, which is a major attraction for me.

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And then sometimes I think, maybe I want something completely different, like a ten speed-style that has the feel of a mountain bike. This Jamis Ventura Sport Femme Road Bike ($639.99, available at Sport Chek) might fit that bill. 

Now, to just go ride a few and make a decision. See you on the road!


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