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Crossing Cultures Crepe-Party

Crossing Cultures Crepe-Party


We’re thrilled to introduce, Laura from Crossing Cultures Catering - aka The Crepe Goddess. Self-taught, Laura got her start years ago baking for friends and family. People loved sampling her sweets, so she decided to take the next step and turn her passions into a formal business. Although customized baking was fun, she knew it was less profitable, so with the help of her Parisian partner, they came up with the idea of making crepes.

Laura’s lucky to have spent so much time in Europe. There, she was able to try delicious crepes at each street corner. Watching the crepes being made fresh in front of her was the most appealing and entertaining factor. From these incredible European experiences, Laura has recreated the street crepe cart idea with her mobile catering company, Crossing Cultures Catering.

The goal of her business is not only for people to eat and enjoy her sweet & savoury crepes, but for them to gain a cross-cultural experience. Laura shared that many people tell her this is "their first crepe", and it makes her smile to know that while some people may never travel, they still can with their palette.

Holly sat down with Laura for an interview about her business and what drives her as a local maker and entrepreneur.

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H : I love chatting with creative entrepreneurs,  how did you get started on your journey of the creation of Crossing Cultures? 

CC : I got started with my business when I went and took a course (praxis school of entrepreneurship) to write a business plan, my ideas started to come together from all my travels and my cross cultural experience being an ESL teacher. I decided it was time to create crossing cultures catering. The name and the logo represent the cultures that I have experienced and how I have taken my own interpretation into making delicious globally inspired food (baked goods and crepes)

H : What is your most popular crepe? 

CC: My most popular crepe is "the Brazilian crepe " this idea was given to me by a Brazilian student in fact. It has toasted coconut, dulce de leche and bananas, I think it will always remain on the menu.

H : You offer gluten free, tell us a little more about this popular version of crepes you offer. 

CC; I offer gluten free crepes as well as vegan crepes (,by request) I love to try new things and cater to my clients wants and needs.

H : What is your favourite food or meal to make? 

CC: My favourite thing to make is crepes and cookies lol. I am so relaxed when I bake I put in my love and passion into the food I make.

H : I love that you are mobile and cater to small or larger parties, can you tell us more about all the services you offer? 

CC: Being a mobile caterer allows me to be flexible and adventure each time I get to go to either a new home or business? Every crepe party and experience is so different and I love that. I offer crepe parties, I also offer cake pop making workshops and I go customized baking orders. My most creative recipe is creating new flavours and changing the batters for the crepes. I get inspired all the time like the cold brew and green tea matcha batter.

H : What inspires you? 

CC : I get inspired by the positive people around me who are kind and non judgmental, people who are also creatives I thrive on their energy and successes

H : What is your favourite quote?

CC : Favourite quote " there is no such thing as failure,there are only results". Tony Robbins.

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A few of the OCM ladies had the opportunity to attend Laura’s marketing video shoot recently. It was held in the beautiful space of The Glen at Crossmount with a really creative team of individuals. Elite Marketing Chanel and En Soul Endearment Imagery were there to capture both video and stills, while Lilacs and Whiskey provided the most beautiful floral crowns and creations. It truly was a brilliant creative collaboration. We loved watching Laura make her delicious crepes, had a great time catching up with one another, and of course sampling the most incredible crepes. Here’s what we each loved most ;

JOC “What a lovely day had. It was nice to have been invited out to fill our tummies with delicious crepes. Both lunch and dessert in one sitting - SO YUM. The cherry on top was catching up with girlfriends. Long overdue. “

KELSI “Crepes have always been one of my favourite foods. I can actually remember experiencing a crepe for the first time. It was at my friend Jenny’s house and I was probably about 7 years old, her mom made fresh crepes for breakfast and my mind was blown! Ever since then, I have always regarded this delicious French breakfast as a special treat, for special occasions. More recently, I got to know Laura from Crossing Cultures, which only reaffirmed my love for these little bundles of goodness! She makes each crepe to order, and is always creating unique features. I will definitely be inviting Laura to bring her culinary expertise to the next brunch I host.”

HOLLY “I love crepes! When I met Laura and found out about her business I was so excited to support her business and have her cater some events in the studio. Her knowledge and creative way makes her crepes the best by far that I have ever had. I used to always love sweet toppings for crepes and now after trying Crossing Cultures savoury crepes, I love both sweet and savoury. I love how creative all the crepes and toppings are. They are the best!”

KARYN “It was a pleasure to attend the Crossing Cultures Catering video shoot. The energy was infectious, Laura was incredible and her crepes, totally amazing. I enjoyed the sweet Nutella & Banana crepe and admit that I’m still dreaming of it. The excitement of the day really had me thinking of how I’d most enjoy hosting one of Laura’s crepe parties. A curated patio brunch with my nearest and dearest - connecting over mimosas, crepes and laughter. I really love how Laura is able to create such a unique and memorable social experience - perfect for baby showers, corporate events and family get togethers”


Thank you, Laura and team for having us out. We loved our time!

Email Laura to book your own crepe party!

Photography: Karyn Kimberley

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