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Life Series : A Curated Guide

Life Series : A Curated Guide

Odd Couple


You can find Odd Couple in the heart of Riversdale district, nestled neatly next to Hardpressed and Collective Coffee in the stunning 220 building. This tight knit group are the true OG’s of the Riversdale revitalization - each unique and forward thinking. That closeness doesn’t stop here. Odd Couple is very much a family affair. Andy Yuen, along with his lovely wife, Rachel and sweet sweet parents joined forces to carefully create the very best in dining in Saskatoon.

There’s a warmth you notice as soon as you walk in the door that surrounds you in every aspect of your dining experience. The space is breathtaking and staff, beyond amazing. The menu is creative, flavourful and absolutely delicious. Odd Couple is perfect for work meetings, lovely for catching up with girlfriends, and a place the whole family can enjoy.

This menu... It’ll leave you totally and completely indecisive and wanting it all. It boasts an extensive and amazing selection of the most incredible fare, including seasonal items that’ll leave you swooning. We’re certain you won’t be able to choose just one dish, so, grab your friends, order a selection and share, share, share. We promise you’ll be blown away.

I fell in love with this genuine spot immediately and it’s been a hands-down favourite ever since. I appreciate and adore their extensive selection of crave-worthy vegan options, while my son opts for their incredible seafood dishes every chance he gets. What makes Odd Couple impressive to me is how they excel at everything on their menu. Their plant-based options are just as incredible as the traditional goods, so regardless of your preference, you’ll be completely satisfied. 

Odd Couple is a mainstay for all things truly delicious and amazing. They’re top choice for lunch with my love, dinner dates and even take away on cold nights. I love visiting in the evening with girlfriends for a signature cocktail and an app (or three) before visiting neighbouring nightlife. When taking my little for lunch, I always give him the choice of anywhere in the city. He chooses Odd Couple every single time. I recently suggested a new spot to try out, but he instantly wrinkled his nose and replied “Nah, Andy can do it better.” And it’s true, Andy, Rachel and family produce a level of quality that can’t be beat.

Joc and I had an opportunity to visit Odd Couple for the most delectable lunch. The Odd Couple family were warm and inviting, as always, and welcomed us to the most ah-mazing selection of menu items. Fresh, vibrant salad, unique and flavourful dishes, light and refreshing drinks - everything was incredible and memorable. I adored every single bite, and just can’t get enough of the flavours ….and that perfectly runny yolk!

Here’s our personal go-to’s to help with your decision making:

Karyn’s top picks:
Vegan spring rolls - What dreams are made of - extra crispy with the greatest vegan dipping sauce. To. Die. For.
Tomato tofu curry - I’m day dreaming about this tangy and flavourful tomato curry as I type. It’s full on flavour and has the yummiest crispy tofu. Best.

Joc’s faves:
Vegan spring rolls…… of course. 
Pad Thai - the perfect dish full of yummy veggies and warm rice noodles.
The most fresh and flavourful salads. There’s always such a unique twist that keeps me coming back for more.

We’ve been pacing around January totally lost and waiting on owners’ Andy and Rachel to return from their annual month long hiatus. They visit Asia to reconnect with family and friends, and to gather inspiration for their constantly evolving menu. We’ve been replacing our usual Odd Couple cravings with other things, and to be quite frank, they just don’t add up. So we’re more than overjoyed to celebrate their return, while we take our hungry selves straight to Odd Couple to refuel with our most crave-worthy faves.

Thank you to the Odd Couple family for extending such a warm and delicious welcome.

Joc & Karyn

Photos Joc

Words Karyn

Warm Up: Vegetarian Butter Chicken

Warm Up: Vegetarian Butter Chicken

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