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Living your best accessory life

Living your best accessory life

After a highly anticipated arrival, SPRING has finally showed her beautiful face in Saskatoon! And that means it's time to pull out your sunglasses- not only to look summer ready but also to protect your eyes from harmful rays and prevent wrinkles (always on the top of our list).   Kass & I were due for an upgrade to our eyewear so we had to hit up Point Optical in University Heights to help us step up our game.


We were lucky enough to have Jennifer and Clint Oleksyn, two of the owners of the family owned local business, help us find the shades that best suited our needs, face shapes, and budget.  They started by asking us questions to get to know what we were in the market for and a bit about our personal style. Then we worked together with them to pull a few of our favourite pairs to try on and compare. 


I described my general style as 'glam.' I like to keep up with trends. I definitely tend to gravitate towards more bold accessories, and that includes sunglasses.  Given my rounder face shape and cheeks, larger frames seem to flatter my face more than smaller ones. I like both wire and plastic frames so I was game to try either one.


Can we just stop to talk about the tiny sunglasses trend that is happening right now? This is one of the few trends I just cannot bring myself to get behind.  I feel like these minuscule frames instantly make even the most beautiful faces look creepy.  Maybe it's just me. Maybe you'll spot me wearing them in a few months. Who knows? But for now, I'm boycotting. 


I digress. Jennifer and I pulled four styles that I loved, all very different from one another.  First, I started with the pair that caught my eye as soon as I walked in. A large pair of gold framed aviators by Gucci.  I have been lusting after a pair of big, bold, aviators for awhile now but had not found the perfect pair.  They were comfortable, fit my face well, and provided full sun coverage.  Plus they looked expensive and that's what I'm always striving for ;) They were definitely a top contender. 


Next, I went for a large, cat eyed plastic frame by Tom Ford.  They had a dark two tone lens and was something a little out of my usual look.  Although I loved the look of them, they felt a bit heavy on my nose.  Jennifer pointed out that this pair did not fit my face as well, and I greatly appreciated her honest opinion. She was not just trying to make a sale, but rather wanted to make sure I found the best pair of sunglasses for my face.


Next I tried another pair of Tom Ford's, this pair with a double bar. The was probably the most trendy of the styles I tried on. Definitely a style I have rocked before and love.  They were a front runner but my heart was still set on another pair that I had tried...

Lastly, Jennifer pulled a pair of Tiffany & Co. mirrored lens aviators for me. They were a bit of a more dainty style than what I usually reach for, but it was fun to try something a bit different than my go-to's.  They felt classy and sophisticated, which was a nice departure from my regular style ;) but didn't quite feel 'Kelsi' enough for my liking. 


After considering all my options, I gravitated back to the very first pair that caught my eye when I walked in to Point Optical- the Gucci aviators.  They were just exactly what I was looking for; big, bold, glam, and timeless yet on-trend. Plus Gucci is having a major moment right now and these are probably the only Gucci item in my budget :) 


Next it was Kassy's turn to find her perfect pair at Point Optical.  She tells us about how she got on living her best accessory life...

I’ve worn glasses every day since the third grade. I love them, so much of my personal style revolves around my choice of frames. I’m tall and I’m a hairstylist which translates to me usually choosing bold frames that make a statement. So when I was choosing my new sunglasses I knew I’d be looking for a pair of large frames to match my personality! 

I should also mention I’m a huge label snob. So to fulfill my boujee sunglasses desire I knew the best place to look would be Point Optical. They have the best selection of high end designer frames in town. I was so happy to find the Tom Ford sunglasses of my dreams and I can’t wait to sip many cocktails on many patios this summer, sporting these bad boys.


Kassy & I were thrilled to find our 2018 summer shades at Point Optical! If you see us around this summer, chances are we will be rocking our new shades. Check out one of Point Optical's three locations in Saskatoon to find your perfect pair of glasses as well! Find them on Facebook, Instagram, or check out their website.

We are also doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY with Point Optical! One of YOU will win a $400 GIFT CARD for Point Optical to put towards any of their amazing pairs of sunglasses.  All you have to do is LIKE/ FOLLOW both Our Collective Muse and Point Optical on Facebook and/or Instagram (follow on both platforms to increase your odds!) and tag friends in the post comments (each comment is an entry). Contest closes Friday May 25th, 2018. 

Xo Kels & Kass

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