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My Passion For Fashion!

My Passion For Fashion!


Fashion, art, interior design, architecture… I love all of it. What an amazing thing it is to be creative and have the ability to showcase expression through all of these different avenues- that is what I get to do in my career! I think it is so intriging the way that all of these things also play off of each other. Trends in colours, lines, styles and patterns, come through in each facet and compliment one another so beautifully. 

I like to think of it like you are your own canvas. Tell the story of “you” through your image. 

Fashion is one of my great loves as you can really express your own creative genius so dramatically and somewhat affordably, and better yet, you can change it up every day. Just like my interior  design style, my fashion sense is extremely eclectic. I love grunge to couture, and everything in between. With fashion you can really express yourself personally and all of your intriguing characteristics can be highlighted. I also really love that as a designer my clients and potential clients can see my sense of creativity through the risks that I take in fashion. I always encourage my staff to look their best as I believe that your personal sense of style is the first step in any new client relationship. 

I remember the point in my career that really stood out for me when all of this became more clear. While managing at Urban Barn, every once in a while the owners from Vancouver would stop in for a visit and bring along their merchandiser to revamp our showroom. One time, the one owner said to me that he always encouraged the merchandiser to dress her best for a day of shuffling furniture, and relocating everything in the store, because he felt that if you looked your best then you would be your most creative self, and do better at making the store look amazing.  I have always hung on to that philosophy inside, and outside of work, because I know that I am influenced by how I am put together. If I dress frumpy, I feel frumpy!

I can't remember where this is from and how it went, but it pretty much sums up why I love fashion:

“Fashion is one of the art forms that you live your life in. Not everyone likes poetry, not everyone likes looking at paintings, but fashion is one of the art forms which everyone in the world takes part of. It represents our inner psyche, it reestablishes our status in society. It serves as language, a non-verbal communication, which is the only way in which a culture's beliefs, mores, customs etc are passed on to another generations. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show, or hide too. Fashion is everywhere, and everyone is part of it, but it is as diverse as every being's DNA.” 

One of my favourite movies is “The Devil Wears Prada” where Meryl Streep plays a fashion giant who educates us about the significance of the fashion world. My favourite TV show is "Sex and the City", and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character “Carrie” has to be my most significant fashion idol of all time. I remember one day someone said to me that I was the “Carrie of Saskatoon” and seriously that made me so happy!! Ha!

It’s pretty intoxicating the way that fashion can transform your mood, or your confidence at any given moment. The coolest thing is the way that fashion can challenge beauty. It can make you feel more beautiful than you might otherwise, give you a brand new personality, transform the way that people see you, and it's the transformation of the way you feel over the way you look that is so incredible. A vintage piece might make you feel classic or timeless, a couture piece might elevate you stature, a bit of black leather might make you be a bit more wild than normal, and the list goes on!

For me, I dress on mood. In no way could I lay out my clothing for the week because who knows what each day might bring. As the weather changes, or my mood in general, my body and mind have different requirements, so as a compliment to this, I need to be able to display that accordingly. I think we all know those days when we just cant decide what to wear… look out there is a tough day ahead! Ha!

Anyway, if you are nervous about fashion, embrace it. Make it personal everyday. You don’t have to start big, just baby steps work too. Buy a couple of accessories and switch them around a bit, throw a belt on a dress, layer things up, it’s all about trial and error. and having fun with your wardrobe. And try to take notice how what you wear can change your lifestyle, your confidence, or your lasting impression!


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