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Balancing Fitness & Health with Motherhood & Career

Balancing Fitness & Health with Motherhood & Career


I love being a mom and I love being a woman in business and I have found over the years, that I have struggled to find balance. I have also found less time for creating the healthiest meals for my family while trying to feed picky eaters and also getting myself to the gym seemed to take a back seat to all my other priorities. I have to admit as well, that I am not the most athletic girl and I really didn't know what to do at the gym. I have tried many things and all of them were great but what I was missing I knew could only come from getting really committed and consistent to a change!

I made a decision last year that in order to feel better overall it was time to make a big change, I have always heard how much better your feel after consistent exercise and I knew it was time to figure out what was going to work the best for me & my family and our schedule to incorporate that. After a client came in one day and told me her story and how amazing her trainer Marie Roberston was, I was convinced I needed to meet with Marie. After searching her on social media and seeing what a gorgeous fit woman she was, I have to admit I was a little intimidated but as I searched a little more I discovered that Marie was a mom of two children and pregnant with a baby on the way! 

I had been chatting for a few months with my friend Sheena, who is also a busy mom running her own business, about the two of us getting into shape.  I asked her if she wanted to join up with me to meet Marie and we were both so instantly impressed with Marie we signed up that day.  Marie was five months pregnant when we met her and was so down to earth and positive it was so reassuring that we could actually do this! I think one of the key factors that sets Marie apart is her understanding a woman's body and also what happens to a woman's body after having children. There was a level of understanding there that was extremely important to me. I also have to say that having a committed partner like Sheena to join up with me was huge in keeping me accountable and committed as well. Plus Sheena is an athlete so she handled everything like a total boss and that inspired me to push myself harder!

After the first few weeks of working out with Marie, I already noticed a difference. It was really hard at first and I had to push myself to go but I began to look forward to my time with Marie and she became not only my trainer but a very good friend. It also inspired me so much to watch a pregnant mother with children running her own business and doing so with such a positive and inspiring attitude. 

Photo - Erin Crooks Photography    Makeup  - Holly Decker Makeup Artistry

Photo - Erin Crooks Photography    Makeup  - Holly Decker Makeup Artistry

After a few months of working out with Marie, Sheena found out she was pregnant with baby number three! Here is a little about Sheena's experience working out before, during & after pregnancy.

"When I started training with Marie a year ago, I was still carrying baby weight from my second pregnancy and newly pregnant with our third child. It was important to me to have a healthier pregnancy the third time around. I also didn’t want to gain more weight on top of the weight I was already wanting to loose. What I loved about training with Marie is that she too was pregnant with her third baby, and understood first hand what was safe and unsafe to do in the gym at the various stages of pregnancy. There are so many benefits to staying active and training while pregnant, not only will you have increased energy and feel great throughout your pregnancy but it will also give you more stamina during labour and delivery. Plus you’re more likely to recover faster after delivery.  I found this to be true for me. I’ve had three c-sections, and with my third c-section I was moving around right away, felt great and was released after only one night in the hospital. My husband even noticed a huge difference in my recovery compared to my other c-sections. As for the weight gain during pregnancy, I only gained a half of a pound or a pound at a time at each of my doctor visits. At my six week post delivery check-up I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight! The best part was that I was down inches all over compared to my initial starting point!!" - Sheena Detwiller

Here are Marie Robertson's fitness tips for all the mamas to be!

1. Listen to your body & consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise plan

2. Don't stay inactive for nine months! Movement is phenomenal for you and your baby. Studies show that babies born to active moms greatly decrease the risk of obesity and disease later in life.

 3. If you are clear from your doctor to exercise, get informed about what you should & should not do with someone knowledgeable & educated. You are preparing for one of the biggest & hardest workouts of your life so make sure you prepare accordingly you wouldn't expect to run a marathon without training for it first! 

And her tips for after baby!

1. Again, listen to your body and get doctors clearance before engaging in a postpartum fitness routine

2. Respect and appreciate what your body has just gone through for nine months 

3. Understand that you most likely will not be able to pick up right where you left off even if you trained through your entire pregnancy

4. Patience. It takes time to rebuild core strength and time for your joints and ligaments to go back to normal

5. Bodyweight are your best friend, use your baby, hold your baby and do squats lunges & step ups!

6.  It takes time. There's no such thing as bouncing back you need to put in the work and the effort and the sweat and it takes a year for your body to get back to its pre-pregnancy state but it can come back much better than before

7.  Most importantly, love and respect your body at all of the stages!


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And last but not least Marie's tips for all us busy working moms who are incorporating healthy living for 2018.

1. Make time for you! If you don't make time for you and time for fitness & wellness, you will have to make time for feeling low energy, irritated and feeling run down.

2. You don't need hours in the gym. You can get in a quick workout anywhere. 

3. We are as busy as we tell ourselves we are. We all know someone who is too busy to get in a workout but spends loads of time cruising instagram and never misses their favourite shows. 

4. Make movement a priority. You are setting an example for your spouse, kids , friends and family. 

5. Plan ahead. Plan which days you will hit the gym and plan out healthy food and snacks for you and your family. 

6. Find a buddy. Surround  yourself with like minded people. You are less likely to skip your gym date if you are meeting a friend there. 

7. Be consistent. Success is an accumulation of all small efforts repeated day in and day out. 

Marie's favourite healthy family recipe - Seafood & sautéed vegetables 

Marie's favourite healthy family recipe - Seafood & sautéed vegetables 

Marie's Favourite quick & healthy family recipe, super quick & easy!

Shrimp & Scallops with Sautéed Vegetables

1 package of frozen shrimp and scallop mix, chopped zucchini, diced red, yellow and orange peppers, mushrooms & red onion. Mixed together with roasted pepper & garlic seasoning and saute in olive oil.  


So whatever stage of life you are at, I can honestly say from someone who struggled in the past to get to the gym, this has changed every aspect of my life. I feel stronger & healthier now than I ever have!






























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