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I'm not sure what exactly has gotten into me lately, but I've been on a cleaning kick, and I like it! Maybe it started after Christmas, in an effort to make room for all of our newly acquired goods (how does a one year old have so much stuff already?!).  Or maybe it's because we are currently developing our basement and that whole floor of the house used to be a convenient place to throw anything that I didn't know where to put... until now.  Whatever the reason behind it, my desire to deep clean has spread from my house to my car.


Although I frequent the carwash (why do I find it so therapeutic?), I rarely clean the interior of my car.  Our garage isn't heated so I the thought of working out there in -40 turns me off from doing the job.  The last time I gave it a good once over was in the fall...several months ago.  


Plus, we've gotten into the bad habit of giving our daughter a treat every time we get in the car. Ugh.  Learn from my mistake and don't implement this into your daily routine.  It started as a 'cheer me up' before and after daycare, but somehow our brilliant toddler has convinced us she must have a snack each time we get in the vehicle now.  Her treat of choice is of course a crumbly cookie which usually gets all over her, her carseat, and the surrounding area.  


So, it was time I showed my vehicle some love and cleaned it up too.  Except with working, being a mom, a wife, blogger, and the list goes on, I just couldn't find the time.  Enter YXE Quick Clean. A full service car detailing company local to Saskatoon.  They have a warehouse in the north end of the city (833B 50th St. E) but also offer a convenient mobile option and come to you as long as you have a covered space, such as a garage or underground parking space.  


YXE Quick Clean is run by a husband and wife who put in the effort and don't cut any corners when it comes to detailing your vehicle.  They have several pack options available to fit your needs including interior and exterior cleaning. I opted to get my SUV's interior detailed, including Bella's carseat.  


The company offers flexible hours (including evenings and weekends)  and booking a time that worked for my schedule was super easy.  I love when I can just text to make an appointment (their number is 306-700-5599). We dropped off my vehicle, ran some errands and went for brunch. They sent a text 20 minutes before my vehicle was ready to be picked up. When we arrived, it was like a brand new car! Everything was sparkling clean, organized, and smelled fresh (without smelling like chemicals).  I contemplated taking my shoes off before I got in, but realized that would be weird.  The crumbs were gone out of all the cracks in the carseat, the garbage had disappeared, and all the dust had vanished.  I can't thank YXE Quick Clean enough!


I loved my experience so much, I want one of you to enjoy the luxury of having your vehicle detailed, too!  We are giving away one free car detailing courtesy of YXE Quick Clean.  All you have to do to enter is 'Like' Our Collective Muse and YXE Quick Clean on Facebook & tag 3 friends on this post OR 'Follow' Our Collective Muse & YXE Quick Clean on Instagram & tag 3 friends on this post.  Enter on both Facebook & Instagram to double your chances! The winner will be picked Friday February 2nd 2018.

Xo Kk 

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