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DIY • Winter Pot

So we've wrapped up our holiday season but that doesn't mean that we need to put EVERYTHING away. Keep your cold and loney outdoors bright and vibrant for your new years guest to join you for company.

I took the easy route this year as my December schedule, like many, was insane this year. I normally seek out raw and bare options for my pots but opted for a quick grab from superstore to bedazzle my pots this year.

I dug into my storage for my sticks I cut down from my land last year and started with these. Let's just day shoving these into the rock solid frozen dirt was less then ideal but I managed to make it work. I wrapped the sticks with some ribbon stapling it at the base and then again at the top to secure it in place. Had the sticks not been warmer I would have added a few in the mid trunk to make it a bit cleaner looking.

I basically ripped apart the superstore pots and re designed them into my own pots. cheating slightly yes....

I think post the new year I could swap out the ribbon for  less holiday style type and carry them through until the snow disappears. Have fun designing friends.

what you'll need:

•a heavy duty staple gun

•ribbon of choice


•dead weeds from the field across the street


•super store holiday pots

•warm mitts and boots for -72

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