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Women Empowering Women

Women Empowering Women

why international womens day matters

I love being a woman. 

I have had the blessing of being supported and inspired by some very amazing women in my life. I feel that International Women's Day is a way of celebrating all women and how far things have come but also still bringing much-needed awareness to how far things still must go. I truly believe that if we continue to share, support and advocate for other women here and the rest of the world the more our voices will be heard.

It starts in our community and how we all support each other as women. It also starts at home in how we are raising our children and what core values we are teaching them and showing them. As the mom of three boys I feel a huge sense of responsibility in how I educate them about women. I feel that same sense of responsibility with the women in my life both personally & professionally.

In saying that I am inspired everyday by so many brilliant women in my life. I love my job as I am able to connect with women everyday and learn about their lives and hear their stories. I asked a few women who inspire & uplift me to share what International Women's Day means to them and I love getting to share all their beautiful responses. 

Here is what International Women's Day means to these inspiring women:

"We celebrate days like International Women's Day on a large scale. We look at the huge accomplishments of famous women. We talk about the work we have to do around equality, health, birth control, and violence against women. All of those things are on my mind today, but what I have come to realize over the past few years is the necessity of women supporting women on a day-to-day level. We can't experience an ordinary day, let alone our biggest dreams, without the hands and hearts of our female friends and supporters. We can't raise our children, get through health challenges, earn promotions, heal, speak out, rest, celebrate our accomplishments, build a successful business, or really do anything without other women to hold us up; to take the kids for an hour, bring us soup, lend us a nice suit, share our work on social media, recommend us and just generally cheer us on and clear a path. I could not survive without the women in my day-to-day life: the advice of the moms at school, the kind cashier at Safeway, the author of an inspiring article, my best friend's encouragement, the random women I observe aiming high and getting where they want to be by sheer determination and persistence. Today I celebrate every woman who keeps me afloat, and all of the little ways we all raise each other up just by living our every day lives." 

- Bonnie Koehn 

"The idea that women aren't as capable, smart, or driven as men is so entrenched in our psyche that sometimes I forget anyone thinks that's true. (Also, the men in my life are feminist allies so it sometimes feels like that's the norm.) But, *sigh*, then I have an experience of being talked to like a child or someone asks me when my husband will be around to discuss something that's equally my project and I realise the playing ground is anything but even. And that's in Canada! Can you imagine being a woman in a country where you get your period and can't go to school? That's a thing! International Women's Day offers a chance for people to celebrate accomplishments of women worldwide and to remind everyone to be champions for equality of opportunity. And I know there's another day to talk about this but there are more than two genders and the stereotypes are even more out of whack for transgender, genderfluid, questioning, or nonconforming people. It'll be a good day when all people are able to be heard for what they have to say, not what gender they identify with, and I so hope I'm around to see it. " 




-Maygen Kardash

"On International Women's Day, I can't help but think about my two little boys, actually!  I want my sons to grow up to be thoughtful, socially conscious men.  Teaching gender equality begins at home.  We are raising our boys to believe in and stand up for gender equality.  Find opportunities in everyday life to find teachable moments!  It is never too early."

- Lisa Dutton

"International Women's Day is a time to reflect on all the female super heros who have influenced us personally as well as the fighters who provided us with a path to continue towards equality."

-Kimberly Parent

"Honestly I think EVERYDAY is women's day. The drive and work we all have blows my mind daily.  Each and every woman in my life, I have a huge admiration for them individually. It makes my heart beam that our generation is setting up my daughter and son's generation. That hard work is good. That being genuine and honest to yourself is good. Just wonderful."

-Jocelyn de Moissac

"Women are born with immense power and the world tries to take that from us. We raise our voices, we are told it's not ladylike. We wear tight clothing and get told it is provocative. We pursue a career and are told we aren't good mothers. That's just the tip of the iceberg - we are paid less, marginalized, abused, sexually assaulted - the list goes on. In spite of it, in spite of it all, we persevere. We are here, and we are defining in unique ways what the word "woman" means. So to me, International Woman's Day is a double sided coin. On one side, it allows me to acknowledge, celebrate, and educate myself about the diverse success stories and accomplishments of women in my life. On the other side, I see how far we have to go, and I think what can I do to make that better? And I will make it better, and I know I can count on other women to do that too. "Beauty or brains," the world asks and women say, "Both, thank you."

-Jolissa Simon

"Everyday I see many amazing women doing incredible things. Women building businesses, raising babies, leading organizations, beating the odds and transforming and influencing the world around us.  Women who are true to themselves and constantly working to make our communities a better place. International Women's Day is day where we can all come together, make a lot of noise, and celebrate women's journeys, successes and the obstacles we've over come. "

-Alex Boxall

To all the wonderful, amazing women out there, listen to this my lovelies. You are so beautiful! The power inside of  each of you is immeasurable. Do not let anyone ever take that away from you. You are all stars that have been given the precious gift of intuition. No man shall ever have this gift as you do. Listen to this gift and let it be your guide through this  life. Be gentle with yourself and each other and know your value. You are so much more incredible than you even know . Wishing you all love and happy international Women's day.

- Marie Robertson

When the women of a community are healthy and supported, the community thrives" It's an idea I've heard time and again...recently repeated by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings! And it speaks to our need to heal and shift away from outdated patriarchal models " 

- Carrie Catherine

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I am so humbled and inspired by all of these incredible women, thank you for sharing! I am so lucky to know you and be supported by you in our community. 


Holly Decker

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