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Feel Good Friday: Your Power

Feel Good Friday: Your Power


Friend and blog mate, Desiree Martin, posted this gem to social and it hit me mid-scroll - like a tonne of bricks tbh.  I saved these powerful words and revisit them often. You see, since becoming a Mama, I often scrutinized the natural changes of my postpartum body rather than seeing them for what they were.

The greatest gift my body has ever given me was that of pregnancy.  It provided me with the ability to grow this tiny, perfect, healthy human.  I relished in the time I could rub my ever growing tummy, feel his kicks and listen to his mighty heartbeat.  This life was all going on INISDE me - Amazing, right? It's an absolute wonder what we're capable of.  This realization of power and wonder didn't stop there - nor did my body.  Nope, it just kept on giving.  After childbirth (whoa), it began to provide nourishment for my sweet baby boy. How absolutely incredible is that?  So when we stop and look at it like that, what's not to love - changes and all.

It was at this moment of realization that I stopped - just like that.  I stopped fixating on the "flaws" and began to embrace them - every little thing that my body has done for me.  So ladies, let's make a promise to honour our bodies for all that they do. Let's make a commitment to treat our bodies with love and kindness.  Baby or not, your bod keeps giving every minute of the day.  It's time that view it with gratitude, rather than scrutiny.  Maybe you just completed a challenging hike, major marathon or mastered a pose on the mat - you have one powerful body to thank. The numbers on the scale have nothing to do with it.

Today marks the start of my self-care journey.  I'll be sharing feel good entries from health and wellness to fitness and lifestyle - and all the goodness in between.  If it makes me feel good, chances are, you'll be seeing it here.  So keep an eye out for feel good Friday posts - I'll be featuring some of my favourite nourishing eats, local fitness gurus and self-love experiences.

If you offer a feel good service, class or experience, and would like to be featured, please reach via email - I'd love to hear more! Attn: Karyn

xo Karyn're going to be a Dad!'re going to be a Dad!

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