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Take ten: Jocelyn de Moissac

Take ten: Jocelyn de Moissac


Meet Jocelyn. Photographer, mentor, educator, and blogger. One of OCM's original gals she's been running her successful business deMo Photography for 7.5 years. When she's not behind the lens with her amazing clients she's soaking up every chaotic and beautiful moment with her three kiddos and husband Steven. You can catch her daily shenanigans on her instagram so be sure to head over and follow along for a few laughs. @demophoto

also hit up the ocm insta for Jocelyn's take over today... she can't promise anything, but I'm sure it will include warm sweaters and socks on the chilly day.

1. where I come from • I grew up on a family farm west of Biggar, Sask. While my friends were off at a bush party or afternoon get together I was usually cleaning out barley bins or cutting hours of grass. Fast forward, and I couldn't be more proud to be called a farm kid. I'm clearly a city slicker now but will hit the stubble fields any chance I get. My grandparents lived across the road from us. They were like another set of parents to us four kids. (I miss the heck out of them.) I'm so grateful our kids get to experience the hard work ethic and beauty of the farm. It's a little piece of heaven. Have you ever heard silence before?? It's the only place I've ever heard it. Now the trees are so mature that it sounds like you're at Johnston Canyon waterfalls... (just have to close your eyes)

2. arts & music • The arts have been a big part of my life. My mom had all four of us in piano, we all have our grade 8. It not only provided credits for grade 10,11,&12 but I can sit at any piano and read music. That in itself is such an amazing thing. I'm super rusty so don't ask me tomorrow but my to do list also has "brush up on your notes joc". I also grew up in ballet shoes and danced many principles for 22 years. Following high school I would drive back to my home town a few times a week to teach for a few years while I was a hair stylist. I also have a huge love for live music and you will often find me and my husband, sometimes with kids in tow, at the Broadway theater catching some known or new tunes. We've even flown to Seattle to see Jack Johnson... yup it was a good one. We have Coachella, Osheaga and the Red Rock Amphitheatre on the hit list for the future. Alt-j, Kaleo and the Lumineers are the current tunes that flow in this house.

3. fashion/architecture • I have a slight obsession with shoes.  I adore jeffrey campbell, solsana, dolce vita. I mean there's many more I lust over but my closet consists of mainly these...  my current favs are a pair of Free People - royale flats in black. They were instant heaven on my stems. SOOO lovely. I also try to dress this mom bod is some rather up to date fashions however you'll see me in leggings, tunics, cute boots and a top knot running kiddos to the schools. I always said I wouldn't be that mom that "let's herself go" when I had kids. ya... don't judge.

I enjoy clean lines of modern architecture, mid century furniture and walls of windows. My dream home, I likely will never be able to afford, as I want at least 100 windows in it. I took an online interior design course. Never did end up finishing it... so dumb of me, i was so close to finishing it even. This was years ago.  My go to magazine is Dwell and would love someday to flip houses/build with my husband. Like a really tiny version of Chip and Joanna Gaines. So holla at us #hgtv.

4. family • My husband and I have been blessed with three beautiful children. 7, 5 and 2. We are so grateful for their health and bring so much light into our daily lives. We had an amazing summer spending a total of 25 days at the lake. Breathing in fresh air, long bike rides and oodles of snuggles. It was so nice to have slow quiet days on the beach with them creating river races and sand castles. These moments I cherish very much.

5. profession • I didn't know at a wee age that this was going to be my calling... in fact I went to cosmetology school right out of high school and was a hair stylist for 8 years before picking up the camera. Only when selling my car, the guy paid me in cash, I was expecting our first child and on mat leave did I pick up a camera. (I do not recommend starting a brand new business + having a newborn at the same time) Lucky for me things worked out.

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I absolutely adore meeting new families and couples. Getting to know them, like really know them. Sharing stories and laughs. I love observing families relationships and absorbing the different ways they love each other. I have an extremely full-filling job... to the point where some moments it doesn't feel like a job. During the speeches when there is a stillness and everyone is intently listening... and the tears are flowing from the sincerity in the room.... the looks of exhausted new parents that have this amazing sparkle in their eyes because they can't yet even process the huge love they have for this new human....the way her groom gently brushes her hair away from her eyes....So the long and short of it is, I love to photograph love. In all shapes and forms of it.

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6. I mentor/teach • On my "quieter" seasons I offer one day beginner dslr classes as well as a 4 week mentor ship program to help creatives new or seasoned get a refresh on all things branding and gearing up to launch their websites. All with a few nights of deep conversation, informative convo and long lasting friendships.

7. foodie • I like great food. One of my fav things to do is grab my husband and good friends and hit to town for some delicious eats and tasty beverages. My current favs are the drift, Una, Odd couple and the Home town diner for some amazing eggs benny. (Kara you're killin it!) I will happily wine and dine my clients any chance I get. I love to share good cuisine and the feel good vibes.

8. Stay with it • I have attended workshops in Langley, Pender Island, Los Angeles and have one coming up in Washington. I find it super important to stay current and educated within my industry. I come back refreshed both professionally and as mom. Don't kid yourself there is wine consumed when necessary on these trips. I usually don't know anyone from a hole in the ground and just wing it and show up. There are some in New York and Idaho that are on the radar but of course these don't come with small price tags so I'm particular to which ones I attend, not to mention a whole week away from my family. It's healthy for me but I miss my babies like crazy.

9. my time of day • I'm a night owl. I'm most productive in the evenings. (It's currently 12:38 as I write this) ya ya ya... go to bed joc. but honestly, With only three days a week of childcare, it's work time for me. I'm up at the crack of dawn with the kids, and it's go go go until I'm the last one to bed. The house is quiet, I can hear my dog breathing heavy and all my loves tucked under their sheets. it's my me time. I do hope to one day become a morning person. I'm not sure how I will flip this around but it's on my to do list. Any tips are welcome.

10. motherhood • this has got to be one of the hardest, most amazing, beautiful and messy jobs I've ever done. I absolutely love being a mom. I've always wanted children but no one prepares you for this. There's no way anyone could. It's a completely foreign world that is full of awe struck moments of their firsts and bull shit moments of shit up your arm and days where you may as well be talking to a brick wall cause no one is listening to shit! (And yes I know we've only just scratched the surface.... I'm dreading the teenage years) - I get really sappy some days just holding my kids tight... knowing that this moment will never happen again... I need to get over myself ha

so if you've made this far... you're awesome and thank you for reading. I really appreciate you. I wish you all a beautiful day and remember to be kind to others.

I enjoyed sharing some personal facts with you today and I encourage you to do the same on your social feed. Just be sure to tag #OCMTakeTen so we can learn more about you too.

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