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Take Ten: Holly Decker

Take Ten: Holly Decker


It's Day 9 of the OCM Take Ten and my name is Holly Decker and I am one of the newer members to join all the amazing ladies of the OCM!

I am a Saskatoon makeup artist and I share a beautiful studio space downtown with my talented friend and business partner Erin Boechler, Erin Crooks photography, who is an original OCM member. Erin & I are excited to now have the beautiful fellow OCM member Karen Kimberley join our studio. Exciting things to come!

I'm excited to share ten things some of you may not know about me!

1. was born in Kalispell Montana and moved to Saskatoon with my mom when I was six years old. I have been blessed with being able to live the best of both worlds. Growing up I spent my school year in Saskatoon and summers back home in Montana and many trips to stay in California with my family. I moved away when I was 17 and was able to experience living in both parts of Canada and  the US but Saskatchewan has always had a special place in my heart so 5 years ago, I decided it was time to move back!

2. I am the mom of three boys! Jake, Ben & Rowan. Motherhood has been the best thing to happen to me & has made me the person I am today. I love my boys, they make me laugh, they teach me new things everyday & they inspire me to keep striving for the very best. I love watching them grow up, I feel so lucky to be their mom.

3. l love brewed black iced tea.  My one addiction. 

4. One of my favourite things to do, is to travel with my boyfriend Steven. He is the best travel partner and we have made so many special memories on our trips. I love camping and fishing and I would have to say that being on the lake with him and a fishing pole is the best place to be! Actually any place with him is the best place to be. 

5. My dream job when I was growing up was to be a singer. Yes I put on many performances for my family growing up, remote control in hand to act as my microphone! Our house was filled with music growing up and I played the piano, the flute and sang.  We had a huge collection of records and when I was very little I would spend hours listening to records and discovering all kinds of different music. I fell in love with blues music and always wanted to see a live blues show and thanks to a birthday trip from my boyfriend I was able to see an amazing live blues show in Chicago this year! 

So, even though I didn’t buy the volkswagon van & travel to LA to become a singer,  I now am able to enjoy live shows and watching my son Jake pursue his music career. I am so proud of how talented he is!

6. I love history and documentaries and I am a bit of a homebody when I am not working. When I come home from work its sweat pants, t-shirts and hair up! 

7. I have had the same best friend since Grade 9, Bonnie Koehn. We met in algebra class when neither one of us were paying much attention or knew what was happening in class. Instant friends. We have been through absolutely everything together and although we live far away from each other, we talk or text everyday. She is a rock in my life, she gets me and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Friendship is super important in my life since my family live so far away from me, I have a very small circle of close friends that mean everything to me and would do anything for.

8. I love food. I love cooking & prepping meals and also love finding new recipes but my favourite thing to cook is Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. And then of course homemade apple pie. 

9. I made a commitment to myself last year and i have been working out three times a week. I want to feel stronger & healthier and I do now! My trainer Marie Roberston is an amazing woman and has been so inspiring to me. I have  made it apart of my daily routine as I am not an overly athletic person and have always struggled to get myself to the gym. I always love pilates and The Movement is my go to place for feeling good as well!

10.  I love makeup. Which probably doesn’t seem like something new about me.

However makeup means so many other things to me than just “makeup” 

As a mom and a creative person, its always been my time in the morning when things are chaotic at home to get up earlier and take some time for myself. Its been a way for me to have quiet time and be with my own thoughts and to think creatively. As my children have gotten older and I have had more time to build makeup into a career, I see makeup as an art and faces as my canvas. I have met the most amazing people being able to do this job and moving back to Saskatoon, I was able to meet Erin Boechler (Erin Crooks Photography) and we instantly connected on a creative level. We have been able to build up our careers together, bounce ideas off each other & support each other on all our business endeavours. I am so proud of the collections we have created and all of them are so special to me for many reasons. Being nominated for top 5 Canadian makeup artist of the year for our collections has been a huge honour and has only happened due to amazing Saskatchewan women and all of their talent. I am blessed to do what I love.

I enjoyed sharing some personal facts with you today and I encourage you to do the same on your social feed. Just be sure to tag #OCMTakeTen so we can learn more about you too.

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