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Take Ten: Erin Boechler

Take Ten: Erin Boechler

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Day 4 of OCM Take Ten. Here we go! My name is Erin Boechler (or as most know me, Erin Crooks), and I am one of the original members of OCM, and I am excited to share 10 things you may not know about me! Remember to follow along on our Instagram account @ourcollectivemuse for my IG take over! 

1. Before moving to Saskatoon in January of 2009, I was born and raised in the beautiful little city of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. 

2. First and foremost in my life I am a momma, blessed with a beautiful, spunky, artistic, and individuality-filled little 6 year old daughter. I became a mother at 21 years old. And although becoming a young mom was one of the biggest challenges I've faced, it shaped me into who I am today and I wouldn't change a thing! Mackenzie is my entire world and nothing I've ever done has made me as proud as she makes me daily.

3. I am a newly-wed (check out last months blog!). My husband Paul and I met when we were 16 & 17 years old at a high school provincial drama festival. I was a budding actress (ooooh high school dreams), and Paul assisting his schools stage crew. From separate small towns, we met in Regina, SK, and when his eyes fell on me on that dimly lit auditorium stage - instant love at first site - and eventually a couple years later I let him call me his girlfriend. The rest is history! 

4. When I was 18 I attended the University of Saskatchewan in the Fine Arts program, for a whopping 2 years, before I dropped out to pursue photography independently. My parents gave me my first DLSR when I was 19, and I am entirely self taught. To this day I have been operating my photography company for the last 7 years. I shoot mainly studio portraits and fashion, helping amateur and experienced models build their portfolios. My favourite work to shoot is beauty editorials and my dream job would be shooting cosmetic campaigns for high end makeup lines. A girl can dream. I also love to teach others what I do, and how to keep it simple when it comes to photography. All while still creating beautiful high quality images, and I teach this in my one-on-one mentoring sessions.

5. I am a full on coffee addict. I probably drink too much. But between momming it & running a business - I don't know what I would do without that go-go juice.


6. Two years ago I picked up a new hobby - some jump out of your comfort zone type "me time" - and joined salsa dancing at Saskatoon Salsa Dance Co! I have never danced before in my life (If you don't include a cocktail infused night on the dance floor), so joining a preforming dance team was something I never imagined myself doing. But they say that trying new things is good for your soul - and this I agree with. I have met some amazing people through all walks of life at the Salsa school, a "Dance Fam" they call it, and it couldn't be more true. What can I say... I love the thrill of getting dolled up in too much makeup, strapping on some high heels, wearing a fringe and sequinned mini dress and shaking what my momma gave me. If you're looking for a new hobby - and a killer workout - check out some of the amazing classes and social dances offered at Saskatoon Salsa!

7. My first real job I ever had was working as an actress at The Tunnels of Moose Jaw. I played a sweet talking, bar tending, booze smuggling flapper girl, Miss Fanny, and had the opportunity to entertain thousands of tourists who pass though the town of MJ in the summers to check out the culture and the historic tunnels of Al Capone. The girls in OCM have tried to coax me a time or two into bring back the 1920's Chicago accent I had learned so well. 17 & 18 year old Erin was a lot more fun than 27 year old Erin.

8. I love getting sweaty at hot yoga, and I got that from my mom who has been a fitness instructor and yoga teachers my whole life. Hot Yoga, and yoga in general, helps bring me a time of inner reflection and to get outside of my own mind at the same time. Yoga also bring me comfort when in days of pain. When I was a child I was diagnosed with Scoliosis - a severe curvature of the spine - and as a teen had and operation to have my spine fully fused to try to correct the curvature. Do to this, I have very frequent days of pain, and yoga has been an escape and blessing to help in the hardest of times - mentally and physically. 

9. I am a homebody, and 99% of the time you can find me at home with my little family living simply. We love the lake and being on the water. Its my happy place. Our dream is to eventually own a lake front cabin to share with friends and family and escape the fast paced city life.

10. I own a photography studio downtown Saskatoon in which I share with OCM gal & makeup artist extraordinar Holly Decker. Holly and I have been attached at the hip since we met on set in 2012, and have been working together ever since. We love bouncing ideas off each other and creating work that has meaning - and is pretty to look at. We have had our work featured in countless magazines and have so much pride in what we create and put out into the world. This fall we are warmly welcoming another beautiful creative mind into our studio - photographer, blogger, social media content specialist and all around babe - OCM's Karyn Kimblerley!!! Come visit us downtown Saskatoon!


I enjoyed sharing some personal facts with you today and I encourage you to do the same on your social feed. Just be sure to tag #OCMTakeTen so we can learn more about you too.

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