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Take Ten: Desiree Martin
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This OCM OG may be best recognized peaking out from behind the lens of her camera.  Desiree runs a thriving photography business, while also running around with her 2 kids everyday.  Her adorable minis (Kai and Monaco) have some of the best street style in YXE.  Let's get to know her a bit better. 

1. I pretty much grew up in a clothing store.  My mom owned a shop on Broadway called Home Again for 30 years (boss-babe).  I went to work with her at a few days old and continued to "work" there with her until after high school.  I learned from her what hard work and determination is, she never quit, she seemed to work 24/7.  I learned at a very young age that owning your own business is no walk in the park and have always had a high respect for everyone doing their hustle ever since.  Support local as much as you can!  I also started creating at a young age because of her store.  I would re-purpose beads and findings into new pieces of jewellery and sell it in her shop.  The best was when I could actually be there sitting behind the showcase and selling my jewellery straight to the customer, such a proud moment to see someone appreciate my work at such a young age. (I'd say my love for fashion and jewellery started YOUNG, Im a jewellery hoarder and love anything GOLD)

2.  I became an aunty at 8 years old and fell in love.  My nieces and nephews (some of them) are closer in age to me then my siblings.  I remember them announcing on the intercom (in gr. 2) at school that I was an aunty when my nephew was born, I was so proud!  I loved hanging out with them and helping with them and honestly felt like I knew I wanted to be a mom from that moment.  I'm still super close with them and I feel so lucky for that.  My niece just got engaged and I couldn't be more proud and excited! 

3. I moved to Toronto when I was 23 because of a pinky swear I made with my friend Leo.  I really didn't know how long I would last.  I ended up staying 6 years and met my husband there, so I'm thankful for that pinky swear every day.  (crazy how life works)

4. I loooooove Hip-hop.  The 90's classics, 2000's and even the current stuff I love so much of it.  I credit a lot of the way my life has gone to Hip-hop (sounds crazy but hear me out).  The friends I've made and bond with, my move to Toronto (moved there after going there to see the Beastie Boys there), the places I hung out while living there, the connections I've made and the fashion I'm drawn to.  I'm so glad that our kids have picked up our love for Hip-hop, our 1.5 year old daughter hears Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper kick in and instantly gets pumped and starts saying the lyrics.  (don't worry we sensor it when listening with them)  Our 5 year old is very into breakdancing and even freestyles sometimes. Super proud moments! 

5.  While living in Toronto I worked for the NFB (National Film Board of Canada).  My husband and I worked there together actually.  We were workshop facilitators for groups of all ages that came in daily.  The age groups were different every day ranging from 3 year olds to adults which was pretty incredible in itself.  We taught workshops about animation and documentaries and even ran summer camps.  This job was amazing and I credit it for keeping me in Toronto for 6 years.  We made so many close friends and connections working there that we still keep in touch with today.  (we love our NFB fam)


6.  My husband is a rapper and proposed to me on stage at his album release 8 years ago.  I was completely shocked!  

7.  I am a mom to the core.  I love everything about being a mom.  It gets crazy and hard at times and it's definitely not all glamorous but it truly is all so worth it.  These 2 little beings that we have created are my life.  I feel so blessed every single day as I watch them learn and grow.  We just sent our 5 year old to his first day of Kindergarten on Wednesday, how is this even happening?!  

8.  I am a photographer and I LOVE my job.  I think about how lucky I am every day to do what I do.  I capture peoples love, and I freeze moments that are so important to each of those couples/families/people.  A moment from their life that they will look back at one day and no doubt be thankful to have captured.  It honours me so much every single time someone books me as their photographer, from the smallest jobs all the way to the biggest I love them all.  I get to meet the greatest people along the way too, thank you all for trusting me with your special moments. Click here for my website. 

9.   I love dressing my kids in the cutest fashion.  I am also a bargain hunter.  Just because they look good all of the time doesn't mean I spend an arm and a leg on their clothing.  I just really enjoy digging and watching for deals and I love finding second hand treasures too.  I still love supporting small business when I can and ordering special pieces from local artists or Instagram companies as well.  Putting together outfits for them is so much fun, I often dress them and instantly wish I could look as cool as they do!  I'm often asked where I shop for my kids clothes and the answer is EVERYWHERE, really. 

10.  I love night life, I've always been a night owl.  This is a good skill for me now as I generally start my work day after I put the kids to bed.  Editing into the wee hours, and then still waking a bunch throughout the night with my 1.5 year old who apparently thinks she's a newborn.  I hardly sleep which is something I'm not proud of, but it won't be this way forever. 

That was actually fun! Make sure you check out all of my other amazing blog-mates posts as well, there are some truly amazing women in this group and I'm so proud to be amongst them. 

I enjoyed sharing some personal facts with you today and I encourage you to do the same on your social feed. Just be sure to tag #OCMTakeTen so we can learn more about you too.

xo, dm

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