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Take Ten: Kassy Moen

Take Ten: Kassy Moen


Our girl Kassy is a master stylist and has been keeping the group in solid laughter since day one. She's the realist with a side of sass. We love her like crazy, and her newest addition, adorable Addison. This fashionista and new Mom knows how to have a good time while getting the job done. A win-win in our books. While Saskatoon lines up for a coveted cut and colour by Kass, we soak up her good vibes and humoured honesty. Welcome to the blog, Kass.

Hello lovely readers, I'm one of the newer bloggers with OCM. It's been a great year and I've loved every minute with these talented, supportive, beautiful gals. Without further ado, my tease ten....

1. I'm a new mom! My husband Evan and I welcomed our beautiful baby, Addison Hannah Lenore Froehlich in June. I'm 3 months in and being a mother has been the craziest roller coaster! I love my little bunny to the moon and back , but parenthood hasn't been without its challenges. Even with the sleepless nights and worries of new parents, Addison remains proof to us that heaven can indeed be found right here on earth.โค๏ธ

2. I'm a hairstylist that specializes in hair colour services. This isn't the biggest secret, obviously. But what you may not know is that I was a hair colour educator for 6 years. I travelled coast to coast in Canada teaching stylists formulation and different colour techniques. I was also so lucky to have the opportunity to work backstage for many hair shows in Europe and the US. Now you can find me behind my chair at Capelli Salon Studio in Saskatoon and on regular "Good Hair Day" segments on the Global Morning Show, offering my opinions on the newest hair trends!

3. I'm Ukrainian af. I grew up surrounded by my Ukrainian culture. I Ukrainian danced, performed with a Ukrainian choir (we toured Ukraine when I was 18), and I can pinch a mean perogy. My best girlfriends and I get together with our moms twice a year to bake traditional Easter and Christmas Ukrainian breads. I look forward to these afternoons all year. I can't wait to share my love for my culture with my daughter as she grows up.

4. I love to travel. I've been to Europe 11 times and I've been on many hot vacations in the Caribbean. I spent 2 summers in Europe in high school. One of the best feelings is the feeling of anonymity walking through a big foreign city. My favourite trip to date was a trip to Greece with my little brother 6 years ago. We went island hopping for the month of August, it was perfection. 

5. I have a really big, REALLY close family. Everyone knows everything about everyone all the time. My parents Keith and Lenore are amazing examples to me and my two younger brothers colton and Connor. I'm insanely close to my moms parents, my Baba and Gido. When we have a family dinner it's assumed grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins will all be there too. I wouldn't have it any other way.


6. I love fashion. I feel like an interest in trends and fashion is pretty much required if you want to be successful in my industry. I spend hours poring over magazines, blogs and style influencers on social media. Being a plus size means I have to put a lot of work into finding beautiful clothing that fits well and is also current and of excellent quality. For some reason, a lot of plus size designers think every plus size girl is really into polyester mumu's and every shirt must have a "cold shoulder" cut out. Barf. But things are slowly changing in the plus size fashion world, thank GOD! But thank goodness shoes and bags always fit. I definitely have a passion for purses ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. I've been a follower of the capsule wardrobe movement for almost 3 years. This means I keep a small capsule of around 30 items of clothing in my closet at any given time. I switch my wardrobe around seasonally, usually 4 times a year. I was a total shopaholic before I started this. I had a closet bursting full of clothing but always felt like I had nothing to wear. Now I have a smaller wardrobe but every piece of clothing is something that fits perfectly and I can't wait to wear it! Now I shop more consciously and I spend more money on fewer but better quality garments. 

8. I am completely obsessed with skin care. Washing my face is my very favourite thing to do. I have always been super conscious of making sure I took good care of my skin. I remember my Baba taking me to the Clinique counter when I was 12 years old to help me pick out my first skin care regimine. Being a new mom, I don't have as much opportunity to wear a lot of silk, cashmere or my fancy purses. But I always make time to take care of my skin. They are the 2 times a day that I take for myself.

9. I'm not an outdoorsy kind of girl, but I love the lake. My parents have a cabin in northern Saskatchewan and it is my happy place. As much as I love camping activities like sitting around campfires and swimming in the lake, nothing beats having a shower and crawling into my bed at night. I grew up going to the lake with my grandparents,aunts uncles and cousins every summer. It's the reason my family is still so close today. Most of my extended family still goes to the same lake. I love that my children will grow up with their cousins and my cousins children at the lake. 

10. My husband and I had a surprise wedding. We told our friends and family that we were planning an elegant engagement party at the University Club. When everyone showed up the venue was set up for a cocktail party. We had everyone go outside after cocktails for a group picture and when we all came in the venue was set up for a wedding! I ran upstairs, put on my gown and Evan and I got married . It was a perfect day.

I enjoyedsharing some personal facts with you today and I encourage you to do the same on your social feed. Just be sure to tag #OCMTakeTen so we can learn more about you too!

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