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Hand & Stone

Hand & Stone

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Now that my maternity leave has (sadly) come to an end, and I am back at work, 'me time' has not been able to be a priority lately. So I was ecstatic when a new spa- Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa reached out to us to come try out some of the fabulous services they offer. My bestie and blog mate, Desiree joined me for some much needed girl time at the spa. 

Desiree and I both live in the Stonebridge neighbourhood in Saskatoon and it just so happens that Hand & Stone is literally minutes from both of our homes. Coincidence? I think not. So we left our babes with their Grandmas and headed out for a child-free morning to ourselves, ahhhh.


We were greeted when we walked into the brand new spa and got to filling out some forms for our appointments. The staff then offered us some lemon water while we waited for our services. We also took some selfies to document this rare, girl's time out. 

I have recently been experiencing more frequent headaches and some tension in my upper back/shoulder/neck region. I blame work stress ;) So I opted for a deep tissue massage. I added eucalyptus aromatherapy to my massage to help me get over the cold and congestion I have been fighting. 

Julie was my massage therapist. She was just the type of person you would want to get a massage from; laid back, calm, and chill.  I felt totally comfortable telling her my preferences and she made sure to check in on me during the treatment. It was 60 minutes of pure bliss. Just enough pressure; not too much, not too little. I left feeling rejuvenated and revived. 

Desiree got the exceptional rejuvenating facial meant to tighten and brighten, she felt like she needed a pick me up to add some life back into her tired skin.  Wedding season has arrived (wedding photographer) and all of the late nights at the computer and packed days with her kids have her feeling exhausted at best.  Diane was wonderful, she made her feel comfortable and oh so relaxed.  Desiree had already tried out the Dermalogica line in the past and was pleasantly surprised to get treated to it again.  It was a full hour of step after step of massage mixed with amazing products that smelled delightful and some incredible hot towels to top it off, lets not forget some extractions added in there too.  It was all so perfect and relaxing and just what she needed and left her glowing and smooth like a baby.  

Here are a few pics of the rooms.  The facial room, couples massage room (perfect date!!), and massage room respectively.  You can also control the lighting and sound in the room to your own personal preference. 

They also offer a wonderful membership program as well!  We all love facials and massage, but most of us don't go often enough (its really never enough).  Their membership program helps make sure you get yourself back there often. It's a monthly fee of just and that covers a massage or facial (at a discount) for the month.  If you don't use it that month it carries forward and you can make a spa date and go and get them both done the following month or whenever you please.  You can cancel your memebership at any time.  Click here to read more about their services and membership options. 

We loved our girl's day out at Hand & Stone and will definitely be back :) Check them out for your next massage or facial. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or at their website

Xo Kelsi & Dez

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