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Meet The French 76

Meet The French 76

The French 75  champagne cocktail with a twist

When Big Brothers Big Sisters asked me to create a signature cocktail for their "Local Celebrity Bartending Challenge" taking place Wednesday April 12 @6pm (p.s. Don't tell them I'm not a celebrity, okay guys? Just go with it!), I knew it would be a play on the best drink around: the French 75. If you've enjoyed a French 75 before, you may know it's the most delightful blend of champagne, simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin (or formerly, cognac). The plan was to do one better than the 75 and working alongside my bartender mentor Jake of Congress Beerhouse, we managed to elevate that near-perfect drink to the apex of deliciousness... all while adding a local twist c/o Lucky Bastard Distillery. No matter if you're able to make it to the fundraiser next Wednesday at Congress or not, you'll want the French 76 recipe for yourself and today, that's just what I'm serving up. 

Photos by Erin Crooks Photography

Donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters campaign (think of it as a tip for this amazing drink) HERE. Thanks in advance!

Lucky Bastard Distillery Saskatoon French 76 recipe

You will need:

  • 1 oz Lucky BastardGambit Gin
  • ½ oz Lucky Bastard Carmine Jewel Liquor
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • Champagne or sparkling wine
  • a shaker, strainer, and ice
  • cherries and lemon zest for garnish
french 76 recipe congress beerhouse saskatoon

Start by pouring your lemon and simple syrup into the shaker. Jake says if order doesn't matter in a drink, he always pours the non-alcoholic parts first just in case he notices something's off in them. That way, you haven't wasted any of the more expensive stuff. Smort!

French 76 Maygen Kardash and Jake Congress Beerhouse

Once your ingredients are in the shaker, add ice. More than that... More than that... Okay how about you add as much ice as you like.

Maygen Kardash Big Brothers Big Sisters Bartending Event Saskatoon

Cover the shaker with your glass (this picture is unnecessary but I like how happy I am in it)...

Congress Beerhouse Saskatoon Big Brothers Big Sisters Bartending Challenge

And shake it! Oh and if you're like, "why are your arms so big here Maygen?" It's because I've been doing aerial classes and suddenly I'm built like Chyna. Lay off or I'll makeya!

triple strainer french 76 recipe

If you're not in a time crunch, use a triple strainer to ensure your drink looks perfectly pure with no ice bits. It'll taste just as good with the regular strainer though, not to worry.

maygen kardash french 76 champagne cocktail recipe

Top with champagne or sparkling wine...

Maygen Kardash The French 76 recipe Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon

Garnish, and you're done! It's the French 76. Now tip me please! (Or rather, tip Big Brothers and Big Sisters who will put your money to good use giving kids a chance to enjoy life-changing mentorships). 

The French 75 I mean 76 recipe

xo Maygen (+ Erin!)

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