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Easter Basket Goodies for Little Bunnies

Easter Basket Goodies for Little Bunnies

With Easter just over a week away, I thought it would be fun to compile a post of cute ideas to include in your little one's Easter basket, besides the usual suspects: chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.  I have always loved this holiday, but am particularly excited for Easter 2017, as it is Bella's first Easter.  I asked my friend Lindsay and my friend/blog mate Maygen to join in on the fun.  


At only 11 months old, you may think my little Bella Rose won't even understand 'Easter baskets,' and you are probably right. But let me have my fun!  Easter involves all of my favourite pastel colours and the beginning of warm spring weather. Plus, Bella's animal of choice, the bunny, is the mascot of Easter.  How could I not get excited?! 


Little Bella Bunny doesn't have a single art supply yet, so I figured I'd use Easter as an excuse to bring some crayons, markers, and paint into our home.  Pray for the white walls.  The Glob paints are all natural and made from fruits and vegetables, so if some is ingested, it's probably no big deal, right?? The kit can be purchased from The Better Good. Can't wait for some finger painting to ensue.

I'm hoping my love for the color pink is inherited by my mini, which is why I chose this vibrant shade of pink Swell water bottle. These bottles are the; they keep beverages (really) cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours.  Perfect to throw in the diaper bag.  Bonus, they are now carried at Banjo Outpost, so go check them out!  We also didn't yet have a rubber duck, so I thought little miss would be a cute addition to the basket (Infantino).  The Bitsy Ballerina Bunny by Jellycat was gifted to B at her baby shower and has recently become one of her favourite stuffies. She also has a sweet little book to go with her. Both can be purchased from Indigo.

My daughter has a serious love for books and I couldn't be happier.  Most days, she will chose a book over any toy and the book will keep her entertained longer.  Fingers crossed this continues.  When she spotted this 'I Love You Honey Bunny' book at Superstore, she ohhh'd and awww'd at it until we bought it.  And she has gotten excited by the sight of it ever since.  AND it's 40% off right now!  The Joe Fresh hair clips and genuine leather bunny moccasins were too sweet to say "no" to.  We purchased the mocs in pink & gold because they stay on her little tootsies so well; much better than almost any other shoe to date.  Hoping those luscious locks grow in soon enough so we can try a hair clip :) Lastly, if you have a stylish little one, you probably know that the baby/kid sock game is whack, except for Stance Socks! They have thee cutest prints that actually compliment the outfits you work so hard to put together, instead of ruin it.  I have so much love for little Stance Socks that I even convinced my husband to bring them into our store Banjo Outpost. Go pick up a pair, so that he doesn't regret my decision ;)

When Desiree tagged me in this TO DIE FOR limited edition, handmade, velvet, halter tie, open back, bunny tail romper- I HAD TO HAVE IT. I set an alarm for the release date and time.  So glad I did. I can't even with Bella in it.  If you happen to see us during the month of April, chances are Bella will be wearing it (complete with bunny ears).  It's the only way I could justify buying it.  While you can no longer buy this exact romper, Cotton Bottom Designs has loads of other cute pieces to choose from. 


I absolutely love this time of year - Spring and all of its beautiful colours and aromas are in the air.  The cold loosens it's icy grip in exchange for sunshine that fills the hours a little longer each day; and everything starts to come back to life. Easter is the perfect holiday in my opinion to celebrate all of the light, love and life that surrounds us. Not to mention, my daughter's 2nd birthday is right around the corner, and she was born on the Easter weekend, so I may be a little biased. 

I am especially excited for this Easter because now that Kennedy is 2 - the egg hunt is on in our house! I know that she will love the thrill of the hunt (and also given her tendencies lately, we may have to repeat the egg hiding/hunting over and over and over again until she's had her fill - as with everything she's fond of). I plan to fill the egg capsules I got from Superstore with some of her favourite treats that are not of the chocolate variety. I'm not sure who is going to have more fun - Kennedy or myself, because I really can't wait!

We couldn't have an egg hunt without a grand prize at the end, courtesy of the Easter Bunny of course. This year's basket was even more exhilarating than last year to assemble, as Kennedy's personality has really bloomed and with that came the development of her hobbie's and interests; and I really enjoyed crafting the contents to what she's into right now. 

Colouring or "colours" according to Kennedy, are a mandatory activity daily (for mom and dad too sometimes). So I determined that these egg shaped crayons and colouring pad were a perfect fit. The same goes for puzzles, hence the Melissa & Doug animal puzzle. Another favourite pastime for our little lady is reading. It's even gotten to the point where she insists on reading to us before bed which can be an interesting tale to say the least. These Easter-themed board books are a perfect fit for her basket. I sourced all of these items from Indigo.

Ok, although Kennedy has a strong sense of style already this Easter outfit has Mommy written all over it. The colours on this dress from the Gap scream Easter and are absolutely beautiful. I paired them the gladiator style lace-up shoe which is another Gap find. Let's face it an outfit isn't complete without a hair accessory,  and this adorable pink bow from Arrow & Lace is  just right. Lastly, my favourite piece - the unicorn purse. This beauty is from Lux and Dae and will be a staple accessory for Kennedy throughout the spring/summer months.

Seeing as our little diner has really refined her use of utensils when eating, I thought it would be suiting to upgrade her gear. I got her this Melamine alphabet set along with the matching cup (lid for those days when an open cup just isn't in the cards) from West Coast Kids. Spring has definitely sprung, and so has the mud and puddles. We got Kennedy these pink Hunter rubber boots from WCK as well, as an answer to all of this springtime wetness and can't wait to watch her splash around! What would Easter be without a bunny?! The one here is from Indigo.

The last photo from my segment is the outfit Kennedy is wearing in her photos with her bestie Bella. The white romper with lace trim from Zara is paired here with bunny tights from Old Navy and sparkly silver statement shoes from the Gap. Piggy-tail bows are from Arrow & Lace and the bunny ears to top things off are from the Gap.

Thanks to Bella and her Mommy for having us, and for taking these amazing photos that we will cherish forever!


For our family, Easter is a celebration of Spring and rejuvenation. As a child, I loved the thrill of discovering my basket in the morning and later in the day, hunting for Easter treats and treasures at my grandparents' house. Since my daughter Petra is only two, chocolate bunnies are off my radar but much like at Halloween, she can enjoy the celebration without too-sweet treats.

I picked up this Thumper sweater at the Gap recently because Petra is so into Bambi (I read it EVERY DAY, sometimes twice in a row) and also because, obviously, he's a rabbit and nothing says springtime like a bunny. 

I would have bought sidewalk chalk for the upcoming season anyway but since it's so close to Easter, it will be part of the hunt. These beauties by Crayola are more vibrant than any I've seen before. I love the idea of putting it to use the moment she gets it.

And rounding out the treats, these are the first rings Petra will own: cheapies from Joe or somewhere like that. She had begged for them and I said no. Obviously I went back for them later!

We hope you enjoyed our post and got some ideas for your little one's Easter Baskets.  

Happy Easter!

Xo Kelsi, Lindsay & Maygen

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