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Sensory Goodness - DIY

Sensory Goodness - DIY


I happen to have one of the busiest toddlers on earth. Like.... super fricken busy.  You name it... my child wants to either push it, poke it, rip it down, play with it, look at it, touch it.... all at once.  

I had come across a photo on Instagram that intigued me. A handy dad had made a board filled with devices to touch, switches, buttons to push etc. I thought to myself right away I MUST make this!! So I took to google to get ideas, read up on the importance of sensory play for kids and made a stop at Home Depo for supplies.  Turns out Dollarama is a great place for sensory items as well! 

What you'll need: 

-Power drill or screw driver

- silicone  

-one large piece of MDF board or any type of wood, any size preferred  

-Velcro or double sided tape

-perhaps a book with sounds they can push

-sensory items such as: door stops, canister wheels, calculators, combination locks, door hinges, keys, light switches, remotes (basically anything safe for a toddler to use)

I ended up having a piece of left over closet shelving in the garage that was already white which worked out perfect....but you could use anything wood and paint it or keep it natural.


Start by mapping out where you want to place things before mounting anything down .... and then just have fun with it!  I also used stick-on numbers, stickers and letters to fill up empty spaces. 


There you have it!  Your baby or toddler will love playing with this and it also makes a great gift idea! 



(Mom) Squad Goals

(Mom) Squad Goals