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Season of Self-care

Season of Self-care

As merry and bright as the holidays are, they can also involve hectic schedules and added stress.  It seems as though "no" doesn't quite exist in my vocabulary these days.  I often agree to far more than I have the time or energy to support - the holidays are no exception.  Late nights and early mornings of travel, holiday cheer, staff parties, gift wrapping, clustered parking lots of frantic shoppers and the like can really add up.  Getting tense just thinking of it?

I find it incredibly important to take some time to myself during the season to simply decompress and treat myself well. My methods are completely basic, but they work -  plus I really favor the simplicity of them.

Solo, a long hot bath with luxurious additions such as my beloved Herbivore coconut milk bath, a scented candle and rich Jasmine body oil are usually just what the doctor ordered. (Mobile off, of course) Time permitting: flipping through a glossy with a brightening sheet mask and hair treatment applied.  Above all, I find that laughter is always the best medicine, so topping my list is my adorable and lively, Sweet Noah…. Anytime with him is good for the soul. Cuddling close to watch our favourite movies by the fire, or going for a trip to the art gallery and walk along the Meewasin on a bright day, tops my list.

Taking time for you via little self-care methods will have you floating through the holidays. Promise. Focus on quality, not quantity and just be good to you.  I asked the OCM gang to weigh in on their favourite methods of self-care during the holidays and here’s how they choose to treat themselves. 



Reading a book, article, or podcast about whatever I'm worried about. And doing yoga or going for a walk!


I follow a super involved skin care regimine. It takes at least 10 steps for me to wash my face in the morning. I’ve always followed a detailed skin care routine, ever since my Baba first took me to the Clinique counter for my first 3 step skincare routine when I was a young girl. After my sweet Addison was born, I felt all of the exhaustion of a new mother. Even though I love my little Bug to the moon and back, I felt like I was losing bits and pieces of myself. The one thing I vowed to always do for myself, is take the time to enjoy the ritual of following my skin care routine. Twice a day I take the time just for me.


For me it's deff a long shower when I can, face mask, wine and spin. Spin is my break where I just focus on myself.


Crossfit/bootcamp.  Also a walk, wine, definitely a massage.  A good magazine flip thru in the studio by myself.


I like to free my mind by getting busy in the kitchen. Whether it’s stocking the freezer with ready to eat meals for busy week nights after work, or baking up a plethora of indulgent treats, I find that I can relax by getting my hands and kitchen a little messy.


I love bubble baths, hot tea, warm fuzzy socks, some good music, lighting some yummy smelling candles and putting a sheet mask on my face.


I love wine, a good tv show and time by myself. Spin class, ringette game with friends and acupuncture. I also love researching or working on something creative for work.


I love pampering myself with a relaxing face mask and curling up to binge watch my Netflix shows. I'm always burning a yummy smelling candle. If I need a good zen refresh I dim the lights and enjoy a quiet yoga session. Been doing a lot more of this lately when in first trimester of pregnancy. When not pregnant, a good glass of vino always does the trick.


I love playing soccer. It really is the only time I can’t have a wandering mind. It’s great exercise and I love the teamwork. Otherwise my me time pretty much always includes wine. A glass with friends, with an amazing dinner, or with a relaxing bath. Also my travel time. I love getting away and having quality time with my fam jam!


Hope you're able to enjoy some downtime during the busy holiday season.  Treat yourself with love and kindness.  xo

All images: Pinterest, because instead of taking photos, I was enjoying a soak in the tub ;)

HAIR GOALS ACHIEVED: Philocaly Hair Extensions

HAIR GOALS ACHIEVED: Philocaly Hair Extensions

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