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Letting go.

Letting go.


As business owners/entrepreneurs we take pride in all things we do from point a, b, thru to z. We have taken years to perfect our craft in all aspects of the biz. Some we have nailed down and others may take longer to streamline. It's one of my fav things about this industry is that there is ALWAYS room to grow and improve. It makes things challenging and really exciting. There's only so many hours in a day and the more that's documented the more hours of back end spent with screen time. It's a beautiful problem to have, really. I am the luckiest gal out there. Such incredible clients and the connections I've made are amazing... but my body is not overly thrilled about it all.

Over the last seven years I have been dealing with pretty intense neck/arm/wrist pain, nerves and knots mostly.  It all started when I was a hair stylist for 8 years and then rolled into starting our family which is all around just not easy for the body. Long story short, fast forward to 7 years in the photography biz and this girl has got some serious issues when into the heavy editing season (which for me seems to be july-december)


I often pondered the thought of outsourcing my editing. For almost 3-4 years to be exact. I've seen many other pro photog's in the biz opt for this venture. Most of you may think that our job is easy breezy, but I'm here to tell you that it's not. The hours at the computer screen post shooting is the real deal.

I miss out on lots of evening play with my kids, stories, and tucking them into bed. I miss many friend outings and most importantly adult conversation with my husband. Discussing the days events, planning out the next and all around chit chat.

So with my recent flare of health issues + the heavy work load I'VE DONE IT! I hired a personal editor. I did a ton of research and I think I found my person. and the company is canadian! so that's a huge bonus. yippee. Now, it certainly isn't a cheap venture but I look at it as a cost of business that is going to give me my life back. Don't worry my darling clients, I have given strict instructions to my editor, many online skype calls with screen share doing step by step together. It will take months of us working together to get things perfected but I think this is the answer for me right now. Physically I don't have a choice at the moment. I intend on keeping the majority of my editing work come spring/summer as I do enjoy it. but this will take the edge off for me. PHEW.

So instead of draining my batteries in front of the computer screen into the wee hours of the night and I will be focusing on recharging my creatively and maybe smelling my pillow before 2am.  I will be spending more time flipping through story books with my kidlets, lego'ing and SO MANY snuggles. (and quickly before they don't want them anymore)


SO for those of you that want to hang up your super hero cape from time to time... its OKAY. it's ok to ask for help and receive it with open arms. It's okay to need to pause here and there and really do what's best for you. You deserve to be kind to yourself and in turn creating more happiness around you.

THE BUSINESS woman in me states that one needs to focus on what creates the most revenue? The experiences and my presence along side my camera, fostering amazing relationships is going to create far more for me then sitting behind the computer. Put your energy where it will grow you most. THE MOTHER in me is realizing my babies are growing before my eyes and gone will be the days of morning couch cuddles and slobbery kisses. I need to soak in every moment I can.

Creative Space: Remai Modern

Creative Space: Remai Modern