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Wreath Making...My New Love!

Wreath Making...My New Love!


So last week we held a fun DIY wreath making night at Metric, and had a blast making these handmade wreaths. We had a wealth of ornaments that were just too neat not to share, and we thought it was a great way to do a project with our Metric community. If you can believe it, i have never done a project like this before and because of this, I wasn't overly confident with my abilities going into it!. But what I didn’t realize was how fun and easy it was to make the wreaths once you had a plan in mind, and the greatest part was that it was completely personalized and created by each of us!

So I thought that I would share a little on this for any of you who would like to take on this fun project for yourself.

Step 1: Making a plan, what's your wreath style?...
Create the theme. Start by thinking of the colour scheme that you might like to have the wreath work in and know whether you would like it to be a soft compliment, or really stand out. For example, if you have other colours in the room, or a lot of colourful decor, then a monochromatic wreath may be the way to go, or visa versa. This will help you to start thinking about the items that you might want to decorate the wreath with. You also want to think about texture. Is it going to utilize more natural elements like acorns, and burlap, or will it be glitzy with glitter sprigs and sparkly ribbon. 


Step 2: Classic? Rustic? Which style of wreath best suits your theme...
Start by getting a bare wreath. It can be a real cedar wreath, a faux pine wreath, a twig wreath, etc. Whatever you choose, this is the canvas for your theme.

Step 3: Creating visual "layers" with decor and ribbon..
Next, pick out a few types of special decorative ornaments that fit in with the colour scheme and style that you have chosen, as these will solidify the theme of your wreath. These are the items that will make it special. For example a natural themed wreath may use paper ornaments, or ones made with twine, while the glitzy one may create the theme by using a glittery flower or bow. 
The next step is selecting the ribbon. Every wreath requires about 8 feet of ribbon, so about one and a half times your stretched arms length. The ribbon should compliment your theme and should act as a backdrop for your ornaments. It should be fairly wide, around 3” is ideal, and a wired ribbon is ideal.   


Step 4: Take the look a little further...
The last step is to pick out a few things that are going to fill in the gaps. The best items for this are various sizes and finishes of balls, acorns, and foliage. 

Step 5: Assemble like a wreath making ninja...
Lets get started on putting it all together. If you are using a faux pine wreath, be sure to spend some extra time fluffing it up. The best way to get the most bulk is to fan out the branches and kink them. Laying the wreath down on a flat surface allows you to decorate the wreath fully before wiring or gluing things in place. 
Then on to the ribbon. There are a few ways to apply the ribbon but my favourite way is to gently roll out the ribbon and use a technique that bellows out a section of the ribbon for about 6-10”and then tucking it back into the wreath. For this you need to find a pocket and tuck it in to the wreath, and kinking the ribbon where you are tucking it to hold it in place, and create a nice start to the next bellow. This technique creates a very soft and organic look. Next comes the special, decorative ornaments. You want to have at least 3- 6 of these, and you want to place them in spots that consider balancing of weight, focal points, and bare spots. Finally you start to fill in some gaps with all of the accessories. These accessories should be grouped in various areas around the wreath. By grouping items you allow focus on the items, by giving the eye a break in the bare areas.


Step 6: More is more? Or stop right there! Adding finishing touches to complete the look...
You can finalize the look by adding a glitter spray, or a top bow, a strand of led lights, or you can just leave it more natural. Also, remember to secure everything in place so it stays in place for years to come. 


If you would rather enjoy a finished wreath or need a special gift, these wreaths made by yours truly are on display and available for purchase at the Metric Design Centre showroom for a steal at $79 each!

Happy crafting!




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being "ON" 24/7 - entrepreneur life

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