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A New Take on Goal Setting

A New Take on Goal Setting


I was first introduced to Jolene Watson of Clarity Coaching &  Development when my husband and I did a couples personality test + love language workshop. Jolene worked with us one evening and I now understand why Brent can't multitask or why I can't "visualize" our future like he can. And why I need a step by step plan for everything and that sort of thinking drive him crazy. It's because our personalities are just wired that way! It's a super cool workshop that I highly recommend you taking! 

For the evening with the OCM girls, Jolene took us through a little presentation on personalities and goal setting and then we looked through (300+!) magazines and then we were to choose photos that spoke to us about where we want our life to go, whether that was more traveling, more babies, or a different career. It was really great to see all of the girls' boards come together so differently. We sipped wine and chatted about life and it was such a fun evening.


"This session was fantastic - time flew by and not only did we learn a lot about personality types, communication styles, and how to get along better in the world...we had a great time. Jolene is a warm and uplifting person, perfect to lead this kind of group. I'm still working on my vision board because I had to leave early but I'm glad this workshop got me started. They're powerful!" -Susan

"I went in with no expectations but Jolene gave me so much knowledge and left me wanting more. I look forward to future classes with her." -Jocelyn

"Jolene has a powerful presence and she was just what I needed to inspire me and get me out of the mid-week, early winter slump I was feeling when she presented to our group.  She was engaging and taught me so much about myself in such a short period of time.  Plus, magazines, girl talk and wine... how could you NOT have fun??" -Kelsi

Jolene offers professional development team building/stress management/goal setting workshops, professional speaking and career coaching. Jolene also offers couples and singles coaching which helps her clients gain better insight into their appreciation and personality styles. Her favourite service is facilitating vision board workshops and she can actually make stress management workshops fun. Jolene’s passion is to use her high level of intuition and empathy to help her clients see their authentic strengths and achieve their goals.

Check her out online!

Twitter- @ClarityCD  or
Instagram- jolene.watson
Linked In:

Thanks, Jolene!

**All photos except the last group photo are from deMo Photography. Thanks Joc!!

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