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My first ever LifeCycle spin experience is featured today as part of my brand-spankin-new, Feel Good Friday entries.

The ladies of Lifecycle Spin Studio hosted the prettiest rooftop Pedal Party at Drift Vista Lounge at the beginning of September. Fresh air, #YXE views, the perfect sunset and a community of the finest fitness peeps really made the night. 

Spin has been taking the fitness world by storm.  It’s a fun, fast-paced group fitness class that shows results.  I've only ever tried it once before signing up for the great Patio Pedal. Desiree coaxed me to give it a go when I first joined the gym with her. I thought I might drop dead mid-spin - seriously. It was a tough class and as much as I enjoyed it, I always gravitated to a power class at GoodLife that ran around the same time. So spin quickly became a one and done activity that I never returned to. That is, until Life Cycle Patio Pedal popped up in my news feed. Offering Spin on Drift's dreamy rooftop patio at sunset - could it get any better? I signed up for this open-air sweat session with seasoned-pro, Desiree, and crossed my fingers for good weather and happy riding. 

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What can I say, the night was lovely - that glorious September evening was something else. It was the perfect way to bid adieu to the warm summer nights we had been spoiled by. Drift Vista lounge offers some of  the most glorious views from their pretty patio, so, gazing out onto the South Saskatchewan river with the warmest gradient filling the sky was incredibly dreamy to say the least. Rows of bikes and like-minded people created a little fitness community on that warm September night. The perfect play-list kept us moving, while Jessica lead with inspiration and motivation. She kept it fun and pushed - the perfect combination. Pro tip: pack a camera and hop off your bike once in a while “to take photos” when you need a break. No one will notice ;) The fresh air and sunset views helped to distract from the challenges of this tough class. 

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So will I spin again? Definitely. The class incorporated choreographed moves and free weights for an all-over body tone. I felt exhausted, but totally recharged when leaving. It was tough but so very invigorating. The following days were rather sore and I felt like I accomplished what I set out to do. I know that regular spin classes won’t include a summer breeze, stunning views and the best darn Drift signature lemonade cocktails post-spin… but I’m willing to keep going in preparation for a hopeful Patio Pedal Round 2 next summer.

Thanks again for having me LifeCycle!

xo Karyn

Photos: Derek Gould, Desiree Martin, Karyn Kimberley


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