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Babies Who Brunch

Babies Who Brunch

I love any excuse to have a party, and giving birth to a sweet baby girl is certainly no exception! Luckily I have some of the best girlfriends, who were willing to put all my ideas into fruition.  Here is a look inside Bella Rose's Baby Shower Brunch.

You might remember this floral wreath from a DIY I posted a while back.  We moved the heart from the nursery onto the front door, to set the mood of the party.

As guests entered they were welcomed and invited to write a short message to the tiny guest of honour, on a small paper heart.  The hostesses later arranged and framed the messages to be hung in Bella's nursery. So Sweet. 

Upon their departure, shower guests were each given a packet of flower seeds to plant, which said "Watch Me Grow," to go along with the floral theme. 

As far as I'm concerned, a party can't be thrown in the absence of a Ballonatic balloon.  These little show stoppers also make for the perfect photo prop. 

If you know me even a little bit, you probably know I'm all about the food.  And if you want to locate at me at any soiree, chances are you can find me posted up near the food table.  So when I host an event, the eats are always a main focus. 

To see through the brunch theme, attendees were served delicious mini donuts from Cocoa Food Inc., mini fruit pizzas (the first to go) and vanilla bow cupcakes made my my mother-in-law, my favourite homemade mini muffins from my momma, mini chocolate croissants, and fresh fruit. 

Beverages are also a vital component of a successful party, so we made sure our guests were well hydrated.  The mimosa bar was a big hit. Guests had their choice of pineapple, raspberry, orange, or grapefruit juices to mix with their bubbly, as well as a variety of fresh fruit to top it off with. 

The coffee bar was also a guest favourite.  The ladies had their choice of hot or iced coffee (obvs everyone chose iced), milk, cream, syrups, sugar... the works. 

Fruit infused water was also available to anyone under 19 or those who didn't want to turn up ;)

For hot food (which was equally as delicious, but less photogenic), we served quiche and had a waffle bar, complete with syrup, fresh fruit, and whipped cream.

Baby shower games were also played! But not lame games, fun games! Like guess the celebrity in the baby photo (not to brag but... I won). 

Instead of cards, we requested guests bring a book for Bella.  I loved this idea, as it jump started her library. I especially treasure the handwritten messages some guests wrote inside their books.

A big thank you to my besties Kimberley, Desiree, and Lindsay for hosting this stunning, heart warming, baby shower for Bella and I.  We will never forget it.  Thank you to my other countless friends and family members who helped out with the party and all those who attended. And a final thank you to Desiree Martin Photography for the lovely, professional photos and to my husband for the lovely, semi-professional photos. 

My party planners: Lindsay, Kimberley and Desiree.

My party planners: Lindsay, Kimberley and Desiree.

It's not frowned upon to have baby showers for the second and third babies, right?

Xo Kk

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