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Girls' Night Out: No Selfies Required!

Girls' Night Out: No Selfies Required!

Oh, who are we kidding, there are going to be selfies galore. But when a girls' night includes professional makeup by Holly Decker, refreshments by Thrive Juice, and a beautifully lit session with Saskatoon's premiere fashion photographer Erin Crooks, I guarantee you're not going to have your arm outstretched in every memory-catching photo op. I'm talking about a new service offered in collaboration between Holly, Erin, and Thrive called Girls' Night Out, and it's a chance for you to enjoy the company of your best gals whilst getting glammed. My sisters here at OCM and I got to experience the first of its kind and we had such a fabulous time, we just had to share for when you and your crew are ready for a spoil-yourself moment, too!

Maile Crow and Holly Decker girls night out by Erin Crooks

Let's begin with a little backstory. Girls' Night Out grew from the partnership between Holly of Holly Decker Makeup Artistry and Maile Crow of Thrive Juice. "After so many years of being a part of early mornings with bridal parties," Holly explained, "I thought it would be awesome if Maile and I could team up together to offer a healthy start to every bride's morning." So, Holly's brides have the option when booking makeup services to order from a food and juice menu from Thrive, which will be delivered to the studio. "On a bride's big day," added Holly, "There's nothing like mimosas mixed with Thrive Juice!" Amen. On any day.

So, being that the studio of Erin Crooks Photography and Holly Decker Makeup Artistry is one in the same (cheers to working with friends!), the new Girls' Night Out package was a natural extension. From catered bridal showers, a special birthday party (as perfect as it is for our age, can you imagine this as your 16th?? Hello, showstopper birthday!), stagettes, or just as part of your evening before heading out later for cocktails lookin' top-notch, their stunning studio provides a comfortable social venue while each guest in the party gets beautified for some photo fun.

The package is flexible, so Girls' Night Out pricing is based on how many people in your party, what you'd like to order from the Thrive menu, the photo package, and if you'd like to have a hair stylist on 'set', too. We had OCM's own Kassy Moen available to do hair touch-ups (which I really needed because I was in the midst of a 'heatless' month) but maybe you're okay with ponies and topbuns as long as your eyebrows are on fleek. I'm like that sometimes!

Here's what some of us OCMers had to say about the Girls' Night Out experience (And although retouching is an option with Erin Crooks and she's amazing at it, we didn't opt for any. Bring on the laugh lines, I say!):

"As a new mom, solo time is hard to come by these days. So to have a girl's night to myself felt extra special. Holly polished me up and had me feeling like my old self, Erin captured this rare moment of glam on camera so I have photographic proof that mama still got it, and Maile from Thrive made me feel like I was making a healthy choice by mixing my bubbly with fresh juice! It's a win, win, win in my books!" -Kelsi

"This was my favourite ladies' night that we've had because having our little group in this gorgeous space with yummy snacks and drinks provided the perfect mingling opportunity so I could chit chat with almost each friend one on one at different times. The introvert in me was in heaven!" -Susan

"What a fun and relaxing night we had as our OCM group. Always a pleasure to get together with them. Not only for the treats by Thrive or the girlie drinks... but to visit with like-minded friends. It's self-care to spend time with others." -Joc

"This was such a fun night in a beautiful space. I absolutely loved the healthy snacks and the Thrive cocktails were so delicious-- my favourite was the black lemonade with prosecco!" -Molly

And me? I loved that we all felt extra cute all at once. How often have I gone to a party wearing bangs over my eyebrows and red lipstick on my lips because I chose to wring every minute out with my 2-year-old rather than putting on actual makeup? I mean, 99% of my life, that's totally okay but it was sure nice to not give up any Mom Time AND get dolled by a pro while I hung out with my charming blogmates!

If you've got a get-together with your besties, co-workers, or bridesmaids pencilled in, why not book the only party in town whose party favour is a new headshot (or, ahem, Facebook profile picture)? Contact Holly Decker or Erin Crooks for availability and pricing options and remember to order that black lemonade from Thrive Molly mentioned-- it's divine.


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