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How to take great family photos.

How to take great family photos.

So you've made the most important step. Booking a photography session with your favourite photographer. Rule #1 the same as in Wedding Photography, choose someone whose style resonates with you. If there's no spark then forget it.

Once you've aced step one: you're photography should take the reins from here and I'll tell a little bit of how I conduct my lifestyle sessions. (note: I wrote lifestyle here, as that is what I'm documenting... YOUR! )


I like to choose out of the box locations to maximize uniqueness. I'm one that likes change so unless it's a super rad spot that makes my heart go pitter patter then you're likely the first set of clients that I've taken to that spot.

I aim for a mix of both urban and country into your session. Getting some raw earthy colors and some greenery, snow or whatever our season is bringing us at that time.

I also like to hit up places of significance to the couple or family. If it has special meaning my clients are more likely to tell more stories, giggle more and be more comfortable.


So if you watched me on global this morning I mentioned that matchy match is out and personalizing is so in! (I'll post the link to have a boo, I was nervous as hell)

So choose a colour pallete and grab some complimentary colors patterns or textures to that color family and voila you're good to go. I also suggest wearing things with movement to them or some boldness. It adds more depth to it.

Hair and Make-up:

Just do yourself a favour and heck get pampered and book your self some hair and makeup. You're already investing in the images you may as well spruce yourself up a little bit. It's always best to pile on the make up a little more for photos then everyday. Yes, your husband will likely bitch about it but at least you won't look dead in your images and once you get them back he will agree with you. promise.

Print your shit

So exactly what I said above... Once you've had a fabulous evening in a few weeks you'll get your images back from me via email and an online gallery. You can view this baby over and over and even select your favorites and save them to separate folder. Once you've chosen your fav's or maybe you like every single one. I have beautiful options for product. Prints, canvases, digital file options and fine art albums. (The albums are a current fav). Whatever better way for your kids to flip through memories with a tangible hard album rather then with the swipe of a finger...

just please. get it on your coffee tables and get it on it your walls. After all don't you want those memories to be your art you walk past every time you head to the hall to check on your kiddos before bed? I know I do.

So I hope this post either helps you with your already booked session's outfit decision or gets your the pep in your step to book your family in. Also something I meant to say on air this morning... fall is not the only acceptable time to getting family pics... we have three other gorgeous times of the year that are equally as fun friends. So contact me for your winter session of drinking hot cocoa, whipping your dad in a card game with your woolies on and a fire burning.


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