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Expanding your home without expanding your footprint

Expanding your home without expanding your footprint

OCM readers, meet Natasha Solvason. She owns Home Free Organizing Solutions and is a master of organizing, design, restoring old furniture and is a super good friend of mine. Thank you to Adrian Merritt Smith for the photos! 

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Tasha has impeccable style and would far rather fix something than toss it. Her sense of style has always wowed me and so I wanted to highlight how she changed her home to accommodate their growing family. Instead of moving to a larger home with 3 bedrooms, Natasha decided to change the layout of their home instead. Check out how she did it in my interview with Natasha Solvason. 










Molly: You had such a beautiful master bedroom. In your renovation, you lost a bit of square footage, but have seemed to keep all the functionality. How did you do it?

Natasha: When we moved into our home 8 years ago, it was a standard 1960's 3 bedroom bungalow. At the time we had no children and we wanted a larger master bedroom. We knocked down a wall and created a large master with a his and hers closet. My husband and I have never shared a closet and I wanted to keep it that way! Our first child moved into the second bedroom on the main floor, but once we had news of a second child, I knew we would have to make some adjustments. The solution was to go back to a 3 bedroom house, but we carved a closet out of the babies room so we could each have a closet in the smaller master bedroom. In the large master we had two dressers, we wouldn't have room in the smaller master so we kept the small dresser and bought an Ikea bed with drawers underneath. Therefore, we didn't lose any storage space moving into the smaller bedroom, which is a huge priority for a Professional Organizer! We each still had our own closet and drawer space for folded clothing. 


Molly: Your kids rooms are adorable. Where do you start when you begin to design a room? 

Natasha: I had lots of fun creating the spaces for the kids rooms. For my daughter I didn't want an overly girly room. I have an eclectic style overall and love collecting things over time to create a finished space. Her room was painted white to make all the other colours pop! I recently painted a feature wall in her bedroom a turquoise and created a design with painters tape. My baby boys room is a bit more subdued. In his room I started with the colour of the wall and choose fabrics and art with the colour as a starting point. His room isn't completely finish yet, as I would like to add an area rug. But, I never buy something unless I love it and I haven't found the right one yet! 

Molly: Can you really have style and function? 

Natasha: I think you can have style and function, depending on your preferred style. My preference is for a relaxed, eclectic style so it works for me. The majority of the furniture used in our bedrooms is older pieces that have been given a new life with a coat of paint or new upholstery. The kids dressers are painted and the baby's dresser is doing double duty as a change table. I use the top drawer to store the diapers, wipes, creams, etc. The dresser in the master bedroom came from my husbands family. It had been stored in an old shed on a farm for many years. It needed a little TLC, but it turned out beautifully and I use it for storing my jewelry and smaller clothing items. The floating bedside tables in the master were inspired by an image found on Pinterest. I found a woodworker in Regina, Kanwood Timberworks to make the two floating bed side tables, which were required as the bed has drawers that would not open if we had a bedside table with legs. 

Molly: You are a big believer in reusing and restoring furniture instead of buying new. What were the major pieces you reused/restored in these rooms? 

Natasha: I really do believe in reusing useful items in my business and my home. I stared reupholstering furniture, when I first moved out on my own. My Mom and Grandma have helped me with most of the projects and we usually all have a different opinions on how to complete each project! The rocking chair in the babies room is a very special project that was initially in my daughters room. I found the arm chair on Kijiji for free and knew it would be a great rocking chair for a babies room. However, it didn't have a rocker! Luckily I have lots of talented people in my life. My Mother and Father in law created the wood rocker base from a design I choose. And my Mom, Grandma and I recovered the chair. My Mom and I also made the upholstered head board for the master bedroom in a few hours one afternoon. The bed in my daughters room was purchased at an auction a few years ago. It was in rough shape with lots of rust. I striped off all the old paint, sanded and spray painted the frame. It looks brand new!

Molly: Thanks Natasha for letting us into your home and sharing some tricks with us. Need help decluttering and organizing your home? Contact Home Free Organizing Solutions

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