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Makeup bag detox: A guide to the shelf life of your makeup products

Makeup bag detox: A guide to the shelf life of your makeup products

how long to keep makeup by Holly Decker

We all get busy and it's easy to forget how long you have been holding onto your makeup. However, if you can't remember the last time you replaced your mascara or have makeup you've been holding onto for years, It's probably time for a makeup bag DETOX! 

how long to keep mascara before it goes bad

Mascara: Replace every 3-6 months 

This is a very important one to replace! If you have any mascara  that's been around longer than that, it's time to TOSS it. 

Eyeliner: Good for 6 months to 1 year 

Gel eyeliner only lasts 6 to 8 months, where a pencil is good for about a year. 

Lipstick: Lasts for 1 year 

Lipstick lasts a little longer depending on how clean they have been kept. Big warning signs that they need to get tossed are if they smell, have a change in texture, or a change in colour. 

Blush, eyeshadow & powder products: Keep for 1-2 years 

All powders last longer than wet formulas, so you are in luck if you have a few of these around! Always smell your makeup products and if they seem off, toss them! 

Natural & organic products: Good for 3-6 months 

Think of your organic products like you do your food. You will need to toss and replace these ones way sooner! 

Foundation: Lasts 1-2 years 

Depending on what type of foundation you have, you are usually good for about a year. Always check for a change in texture or smell. 

Another key to keeping your makeup clean is by making sure you are cleaning your makeup brushes and beauty blenders! Cleaning your brushes also keeps your skin cleaner and prevents breakouts. By taking care of your products & brushes, you get a better return on your beauty investment, so taking the time is worth it!  

Xo Holly 

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