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5 Min DIY: a t-shirt into the cutest toddler dress

5 Min DIY: a t-shirt into the cutest toddler dress

rain melody saskatoon jazz festival pillowcase dress diy

I don't know about you, but I've collected a LOT of band shirts over the years from shows I've loved. Merch is a great way to support musicians, show support to the world, and make sure your memento doesn't just collect dust. But what about our littlest music lovers? The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival carries itsy bitsy tees your mini can rock with jeans, but diving right into festival fashion with a DIY dress further ups the style ante! To show us how to go from tee to dress in under five minutes, JoElla from Saskatoon handmade kids' line Rain Melody came by and I documented a quick tutorial. And if you're not ready to part with your JazzFest t-shirt, maybe you can put this how-to to use with an oldie goldie at the bottom of your drawer. ;)

To summarize (although the video is probably enough to go on!), cut the sleeves off and cut straight across the top. Fold each side of the top down an inch or two and sew each across to make a channel where you'll thread your ribbon. Attach a safety pin to your ribbon, threading it through one channel and then the other, bunching up the fabric and tying it at one side. If needed, cut the bottom of the dress for length. No extra sewing necessary!

For this next one, you'll want to take a gander at JoElla's instructions below the video because you might need more info than the 12-second recap offers! Also, forgive the early-stage thumbnail. It wouldn't have been my first choice.

- Pick a dress you like the fit of and lay it on your t-shirt.

-Cut out around an ungathered dress a 1/4 inch bigger for sewing. (This tee wasn't big enough for full length of sleeves so it will not have sleeves.)

- Cut off t-shirt neck and set aside.

- Fold fabric in at sleeve mark and sew creating a clean edge.

-Sew shoulders together and then sides, leaving a 5inch gap for arm holes.

-Trim around stitches for a neat look.

- Take neck piece, measure to size of dress neck, and cut. Sew together with back of fabric out, flip, line inside of neck hole with neck piece, and sew.

-Lastly, fold bottom up to create hem and sew with right side of fabric out for good side of stitch to be seen!

Petra and Maygen Kardash by Matt Ramage Saskatoon

Petra even got to wear her new swing dress on the Jazz Festival merch website (photo above by Matt Ramage), the offerings of which you should totally check out by clicking HERE!

Thanks to JoElla of Rain Melody for collaborating with me and SaskJazz to make these adorable dress DIY happen. If you've yet to check out Rain Melody, click on through. You can expect the most adorable rompers, play pants, dresses, and more from her selection of organic and adorable material. Every piece she sells is custom made so you know it's made with love.

To follow my baby girl Petra's daily style journal, find her on Instagram as @petrascloset.


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